April 24, 2017

Zurich Office: Secretary

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  • Marlene "Lena" Dente


Marlene "Lena" Dente

I would like to run for the position of Secretary of the Zurich Chapter of Democrats Abroad.

“In the face of impossible odds, people who love this country can change it.”― Barack Obama

I have always been interested in politics and knew I was a Democrat from a very early age. I was very proud that my country elected President Barack Obama and I was inspired by him and his leadership and humanity on every level. I thought I would be celebrating the election of America’s first female president on November 9th. When that did not happen, I was shaken to my core and it made me realize, that to be effective, to have my voice matter, and to be able to help shape the Democratic Party’s future, I need to be more engaged. I believe in the strengthening the party from the ground up.

As an American living abroad for the last 7 years, I have remained very connected to US political discussions and developments, in particular regarding topics that are of intense interest to me, including climate change and sustainability, healthcare, equality, and gun regulations.

My background is international affairs. I earned my Master’s Degree at the Georgetown Graduate School of Foreign Service and worked in an international government affairs capacity for most of my career. In Switzerland, I worked for the World Economic Forum on geopolitics and sustainability and am currently Head of Government Relations for an energy-focused non-profit. I have experience crafting communications, developing and running high-level events and programming, and working on organizational strategy. I have served on another board as communications chair and enjoy being part of a group working towards common goals.

The Zurich area needs a strong Democrats Abroad Chapter, as I found that events in Switzerland were often in Geneva or other cities. There is an expatriate community here in Zurich to engage with and I would be honored to serve as Secretary and to help build the presence here in Western Switzerland and to discuss and brainstorm about the Democratic Party’s policies and future. 


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