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  • Keep Ohio Blue - VOTE in the November 2, 2021 Election

    Let’s Send More Ohio Democrats to Congress!
    VOTE November 2, 2021 Election!

    We’re counting on you to help keep Ohio blue this Fall! 

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  • Keep Virginia Blue! - VOTE November 2, 2021 Election!

    Keep Virginia Blue! - VOTE November 2, 2021 Election!

    We’re counting on you to help keep Virginia blue this Fall! Virginia state elections for Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, and State House of Delegates take place on November 2, 2021. 

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    Global Disability Caucus Signup Page

    Join the team working on our newest caucus, the new Global Disability Caucus!

    We would like to build the broadest possible membership in this new and important team within Democrats Abroad. 

    The mission of the Democrats Abroad Global Disability Caucus is to provide a voice for individuals with disabilities across its global membership. In addition to participating in voter and electoral support work the team will collaborate with allies within the Democratic Party and disability rights groups to ensure that all activities and venues are accessible; advocate on proposed legislation addressing disability rights; and educate and empower Democrats Abroad members and leaders about the issues impacting individuals with disabilities.

    In addition to Democrats Abroad members with disabilities, we welcome and encourage the involvement of supporters of our members and our issues.  We hope to form an inclusive, diverse, active and effective community which provides fulfilling experiences for all.

    **Please note that if you sign up to volunteer with us, you may be contacted directly via email by Chair, Marnie Delaney.


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    Check out Democrats Abroad. I just joined.

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    Voter Registrationi Movie Nights

    Voter Registrationi Movie Nights

    The New Zealand International Film Festival is in full swing, and we're starting voter registration drives at showings of RBG.  We''ll be in Auckland, Wellington, New Plymouth, Dunedin, Tauranga and more!  So, keep an eye out for us when you go to the movies.  Here's a link to a showing of RBG in Wellington.  You can find your city, dates and showtimes there as well.


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    Congratulations to Bette Flagler, our new Vice Chair

    Congratulations to Bette Flagler, our new Vice Chair

    Bette Flagler was born and raised north of Chicago.  She received her bachelor of science degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and her master of science degree from the University of California, Davis.  She worked for approximately 12 years in the San Francisco Bay Area in human fertility and then cast off the dock lines and sailed south, spending just over two years sailing in Mexico and across the Pacific, arriving in New Zealand in October 1999. After traveling around the country for many months, she worked in tourism on the South Island and was a kayak, mountain bike, and tramping guide while developing her science and business writing skills. She now edits and publishes magazines for membership organizations. Bette was one of the organizers for the Women’s March Aotearoa New Zealand.

    Bette lives in Palmerston North with her husband, Steve Maharey, and dog Hazel. They are a political couple – Steve was a Labour MP for 18 years and a senior cabinet minister for nine in the Fifth Labour Government of New Zealand, holding a wide range of portfolios.


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  • DANZ members interviewed by DA UK Womens' Caucus

    Two of our members had to opportunity to take part in a podcast and be interviewed by the wonderful Casey Calista.

    You can listen here:


  • published A MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR in News 2017-04-04 00:07:19 -0400


    I hope you all are doing well around New Zealand. It is both humbling and exciting to be given the opportunity to be your chair for the Democrats Abroad of New Zealand.

    I wanted to send out a quick note as we all brace ourselves for winter. My sincere thanks and appreciation on behalf of the wider team for conducting such a successful election in March. I wanted to convey a special mention to the outgoing committee on their great work of the last two years. These have been the most defining times for our Democratic Party.

    Our annual DPCA Global Meeting will soon be held in Washington D.C. Your leaders will be attending, either via WebEx or in person plus two days of Congressional Door Knocks. I’ll be sharing more about the meet with you in May.  

    My first request to you is to please get in touch with me. I am keen to learn from you what is working well and is of most concern for each of you. I would also like to meet our members and hope to kick off with a Meet and Greet in Auckland and Wellington for a good chat and warm cuppa this coming winter. Stay tuned for dates.

    The days ahead are not light, they are filled with much uncertainty for many of our fellow citizens. However, what we can do together is remain consistent with our commitment to what we believe to be true. I look forward to working with you all, hearing your ideas and making a positive difference for one another and fellow democrats.  


    Take care and be well,


    Melanie Dutt

    Democrats Abroad New Zealand

  • published How YOU can make a difference in News 2016-08-18 18:12:40 -0400

    How YOU can make a difference


    Have you been wondering how you can make a difference in the elections right from your pc?  It's easier than you might think to volunteer to help get out the vote.  And it's now free to the volunteer with our new CallHub GOTV system!  It does cost Democrats Abroad to use it, so another way you can help is to donate.  

    There are three great ways you can donate your time, efforts and talents as part of the GOTV efforts this year.  You can help by being part of the Phone Bank Team, the Voter Information Help Team, or as a Social Media Promoter!

    1. Get Out the Vote Phone Bank Team

    Make some calls to fellow members of Democrats Abroad iin our 3R Campaign (Request, Receive and Return ballots) now until mid-October.  This year we're using an online system called CallHub to make the GOTV calls.

    • You'll need your own computer or laptop (CallHub doesn't work on tablets like iPads)
    • The computer makes the call for you, so you won't use your phone minutes or much data.  
    • CallHub will offer prompts for what to say and ask.  Depending on the month, you'll be contacting DA members in New Zealand to check if they've requestedreceived or returned an absentee ballot. 
    • You can make as few or as many calls as you are able to between now and mid-October.  We'd love for you to make calls in each of the three phases of the campaign, but we also understand if you can only commit for a few weeks or can only make a few calls.  The time you put into it is completely up to you.
    • You make the calls when it suits you, from the comfort of your home or office.

    Instructions to Sign Up for Phone Banking 
    a. Log on to Democrats Abroad at (Only US citizens can be DA members & volunteer)

    b. Copy into your browser once you are logged on.

    c. Select 'phone banking' (see below about the GOTV Help Desk Team)

    d. Select the number of calls you think you can make in any given week of the 3R campaign. 20 - 50 calls a week is actually about an hour's worth of time for democracy, because the calls are short and you'll get a fair number of voice malls and invalid phone numbers.

    e. Sign the confidentiality agreement and submit!

    f.  CallHub works best on the Google Chrome browser.  You can download it at

    g. Activate your CallHub account by clicking the link in the email sent to you with your username.  (It may take up to 10 minutes for the email to be sent).

    i. Bookmark

    j. Your first call will be test call with a Democrats Abroad Australia assessor, who will then contact DA to get you set up with the Australia campaign.

    k. You'll receive an email and you'll be good to go to start making calls!

    2. Get Out the Vote Voter Information Team

     Can I vote at the Consulate? Can I vote from overseas as US citizen who never lived there? Where's my ballot?  Be a part of the global team answering these questions and more sent to the VoteFromAbroad Help Desk.  You'll get training to help direct voters to resources for all their answers.

    Instructions to Sign Up for the Voter Info Help Team

    a. Log on to Democrats Abroad at (Again, only US citizens can be DA members & volunteer)

    b. Copy into your browser once you are logged on.

    c. Select 'voter information'

    d. Select the estimate of your time commitment.

    e.  More info will be sent to you by email shortly!

    3. Be a Social Media Promoter

    Post or tweet about, a great resource to request absentee ballots and voter information. Take a selfie of you sending in your ballot request or absentee ballot.  Please also share any selfies to the DANZ Facebook page; we'd love to see them.  There's nothing like the positive pressure of social media!

  • Changes to Executive Committee

    As you can see in the "Leaders" section, there have been some changes to the Executive Committee.  Karen Chance has resigned as Treasurer.  Please join us in thanking her for her many years of hard work.  

    Mario Valverde, previously a member-at-large, has agreed to take on the role of Treasurer.  His role as member-at-large has been filled by Dawn Dromgool.

    These appointments were the result of a unanimous vote on April 1, 2016.  Our next AGM is an election year for the Executive Committee, and I encourage everyone to think about running for an Excomm office.

  • published Radio New Zealand Talks US Politics in News 2016-02-27 15:07:54 -0500

    Radio New Zealand Talks US Politics

    Radio New Zealand sent a reporter to the US to talk to some voters there and do some coverage of the Primaries.  They also talked to our Chair, Kat Allikian.  She has some comments at about 26:00 and the reporter mentions DANZ and our DANZVILLE Notch voting center (midnight in Wellington).  

    You can listen to the whole program here:

  • MEDIA RELEASE: New Zealand first on Super Tuesday to announce result

    For immediate release
    February 24, 2016
    New Zealand first on Super Tuesday to announce result
    Wellington chapter of Democrats Abroad to host Dixville Notch-type midnight vote
    One U.S. Democratic candidate will take early lead as Global Primary opens around the world
    U.S. Democrats living in the capital of New Zealand will be the first around the world to cast their vote on Super Tuesday, March 1.
    Democrats Abroad’s Global Presidential Primary will launch at midnight local time in Wellington (6AM EST, February 29), with results expected to be announced just before 12:30AM local time. Voting will take place at Public Bar and Eatery, 48-52 Courtenay Place, Wellington. (1)
    Similar to the famous midnight voting in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, the result in New Zealand will be an indicator of each candidates' global presence as well as their worldwide resonance within the Democratic Party. (2)
    Democrats Abroad New Zealand will be the first of 41 countries, and Wellington the first of 111 cities, where Democrats Abroad will be hosting in-person voting between March 1-8. Remote voting in the Global Primary has already started – Democrats living abroead can vote now via email attachment, mail or fax by visiting
    More local results of the Global Presidential Primary will be released over the course of Super Tuesday and throughout the week, with final results expected around March 20th. 
    For more details about the Global Primary, including voting locations and times, local contacts and a list of our ‘superdelegates’ and their candidate commitments, visit
    Kat Allikian, Chair of Democrats Abroad New Zealand, said: 
    "We’re proud to have the opportunity to launch Democrats Abroad’s Global Primary, and pay tribute to the unique status of towns like Dixville Notch in our own way. We may not have thousands of Democrats living here, but what we lack in numbers we make up for with our passion for getting out the vote and helping ensure that the next President of the United States is a Democrat who represents our voice in the United States.
    “Unlike the Republicans, the U.S. Democratic Party allows its members living abroad to have a dedicated voice in who our nominee will be through the Global Presidential Primary.”
    “We look forward to providing Americans in New Zealand, including those who join Democrats Abroad at the midnight voting site in Wellington, the opportunity to have their say and help select the next President of the United States.”
    For more information, contact Deputy Director of Communications (Press) for Democrats Abroad at[email protected] or +61 478 086 315
    1) Democrats will begin to gather from 11pm, with voting scheduled to begin exactly at midnight. Media are invited to attend and film. Requests for video footage of the voting and results should be sent to [email protected]
    2) A summary of issues facing Americans living abroad, and the candidates responses to those issues, can be found at:
    Follow Democrats Abroad on Twitter and Facebook

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    Our First Fundraiser in 8 Years

    Our First Fundraiser in 8 Years


    You too could own one of these lovely DANZ bags for only a tenner.  What better way to bring home the groceries?



    Only $10 if you pick it up at an event (hey, come to my house and I’ll make you a coffee! - Christine) In Wellington, contact Kat for pick up or contact either of us if you want it mailed - $10 plus S/H. 



Life-long Democrat; have volunteered for campaigns on local, state and national levels and served as a Committee-person for Ox-Grove Democrats (PA) before moving to NZ. I am honored to have been elected Secretary of DANZ.