June’s Political Wine: Will American Political Parties Survive?

As a follow-up to June’s Political Wine, here is the distributed handout by our facilitator by Kenneth KINLOCK.

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders . . . said a key reason why 63 percent of voters did not go to the polls in the last election and nearly 80 percent of young and low-income people stayed home is that "the Democratic Party, up until now, has not been clear on which side they are on on the major issues facing this country."

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Outsiders and mavericks are often attractive to an American electorate chronically suspicious of political insiders, but the anti-establishment sentiments unleashed this election year of a different magnitude. The Trump and Sanders candidacies are both dramatic repudiations of politics as usual.

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So while it would be unwise to hold your breath waiting for President Hillary Clinton to act progressively, you could probably feel a bit safer doing so yourself than you would be with a Generalissimo Trump at the helm.

I’m looking forward to backing Sanders in Philadelphia and beyond. But I’ll vote for the Democrat either way.

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