June 04, 2021

Tax Reform for Americans Abroad THIS YEAR - Updates from the Taxation Task Force

Here are some important things the Taxation Task Force wrote to the government about over the last few months:
3 March letter to Treasury - seeking improvements to pandemic aid deliver and service generally to Americans abroad
31 March Statement to Senate Finance Committee hearing - raising Americans Abroad taxation issues.
20 April Letter to Senate Finance Committee - asking for tax reforms for Americans abroad to be included in the International Taxation Overhaul.
3 May Letter to FinCEN - asking for updates to the FBAR as they establish implementation rules for the Corporate Transparency Act.
6 May Statement to Senate Subcommittee - making the case for a group of reform recommendations to ease the tax and filing burden placed on Americans Abroad.
18 May Statement to Senate Subcommittee - highlighting the ways Americans Abroad are forgotten when tax enforcement legislation is enacted and recommending reforms.
24 May Statement to House Subcommittee - outlining our recommendations for creating a fairer tax system for Americans abroad.
26 May Letter to Treasury Department - seeking clarification on the access of Americans abroad to the American Rescue Plan Act's expanded advanced Child Tax Credit.
2 June Letter to Treasury Department - warning of increasing FATCA problems for Americans abroad with the proposed expansion of financial account reporting.
Look out for these projects coming up that we will need your help with:
  • 2021 Non-Resident Taxpayer Research - our research has been fundamental to making the case for tax reform.  Please support us by sharing our survey.
  • 15 June Congressional CallStorm Campaign - we need many thousands of Americans abroad messaging their members about tax reform.  We are spinning our wheels until Congress starts to hear from constituents.
  • Virtual Door Knock - we are presenting our reforms to specific members of Congress. We are organising zoom calls with them and their constituents abroad.  We know that seeing a zoom full of constituents who care about the issues we are presenting moves the discussion forward.
  • Letter to the Editor-writing Webinar - planned for 15 June for all Democrats Abroad activists and advocacy teams
We share our correspondence with Congressional leaders and follow up with meetings with relevant elected officials to reinforce the points we make.
Please send questions or comments to [email protected].