ECCC October Monthly Newsletter


ECCC Monthly Newsletter


Message from the Chair

💙  For those of you who thought no politicians were listening to the dire warnings on climate change, we finally have a Democratic administration making historic leaps both with $270 billion in climate legislation in the Inflation Reduction Act and $65 billion in an Infrastructure Bill promoting a green grid and clean energy. Get your ballots back to RENEW THE FUTURE with your vote! Only 14 days until the midterm elections! All hands on deck, folks, to keep this country moving in a positive direction for the environment, for women's rights, and for democracy itself.

Have you received and returned your ballot? If not, consult now! What more can you do? Make sure every friend and relative is vote-ready, both from abroad and stateside! You can also sign up to phone bank for DA; it's easy and fun, and we really need callers in this final stretch.

Please attend two great back-to-back events we are hosting next week: An Africa-themed Climate Café on the 26th and on the 27th, a global panel event called YOUTH v GOV Voices (part of the Delivering Democracy From Abroad series) with some of the extraordinary activists from the hit Netflix documentary of the same name! RSVP Below.

You make the road by walking...let's vote!

Dana Freling,
Chair, Environment & Climate Crisis Council



😃 Have you requested, received, and returned your ballot already? Please let us know!


If you haven't requested your ballot yet, ask for it to be sent to you by email so it arrives in time for safe return.

🔔 If you vote in a state where you must send your ballot back by postal mail, DHL offers a 10% discount using the code USA10 in some countries.

🖨 For those using fax return but with no access to a fax machine, you can engage an email-to-fax service. More information can be found here.

📬 If you have registered and have had trouble getting your regular ballot, you can send in a 'backup ballot,' called a FWAB, a Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot, now! Here is more information on how to submit one.

🆘 If you have problems or questions related to ballots or voter protection issues, we offer several avenues of support. You can check state requirements at under 'your state rules.' For individual advice, contact [email protected].

We look forward to the 2022 U.N. COP27 (Conference of Partners) in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt. At this critical time in the global struggle against climate change, tensions are high as the nations of the world meet to discuss climate change mitigation, adaption, and loss and damage for the highest carbon emitters to the most vulnerable communities.

Our very own Sam Goodman, based in Costa Rica, has just released his annual guide to the conference, which we are sharing here: Guide to COP27. For those unable to attend in person, here is an excellent portal to watch and participate in the meeting at  Resilience Hub.

At our November Climate Café, Sam Goodman will be reporting live from COP27. He will give us an overview of promises, problems, and progress from this important conference. RSVP below.

🌻 Read Our monthly blog segment, "The Good, "The Bad, and The Nerdy!" This month's blog is The Great Green Wall by Elizabeth Clarey - A Pennsylvania voter living in the Czech Republic.

🌻 Read The Greening of Grey Hydrogen by Diana Powers - A Florida voter living in France.

🎃 Can Focusing on Climate Change Help Win Elections

👻 'A Much-Needed Step': The EPA' creates a New Environmental Justice Office

🦇 Greening Public Procurement has a Bigger Role to Play in Decarbonizing Construction

🎃 The Fate of Protected Wetlands is at Stake in the Supreme Court’s First Case of the Term

🕷️ Thanks to Fossil Fuel Crisis, Wind and Solar Payback Time Drops to One Year

🌕 “I Haven’t Met a Politician Ready to do What it Takes”: Greta Thunberg and Bjork in Conversation



Climate Café - October

Please join us Wednesday, October 26 at 11 am EDT/5 pm CEST for our monthly Climate Cafe for an informal discussion of climate change and environmental justice in Africa. A continent with a vast colonial legacy and suffering the brunt of climate change, Africa has also emerged as a leader in innovative solutions for renewable energy and the opportunities it affords people to maximize energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint.

Join us for an informal discussion this month on this extremely important topic.


YOUTH v GOV Voices

Thursday, October 27 at 12 pm EDT/ 6 pm CEST

Join us for a panel discussion on the multi-award-winning documentary, Youth v Gov, now streaming on Netflix. We welcome filmmaker Christi Cooper, who paints a remarkable portrait of the young Americans suing the government to protect their constitutional rights to a stable climate. Philip Gregory, acting as Co-lead Counsel on the case, and Nathan Baring, one of the brave youth plaintiffs. Watch the trailer.


November Climate Cafe

Please join us on Wednesday, November 16, at 11 am ET/ 5 pm CET

Sam Goodman will join us live from COP27. He will give us an overview of promises, problems, and progress from this important conference.

🌍 Watch our September Climate Cafe on the Inflation Reduction Act 

🌍 Read the ECCC Statement on the Inflation Reduction Act

🌏 Watch our August Climate Café on Climate and Disabilities

🌍 Watch our July Climate Café on Queer Ecology

🌍 Did you miss our Co₂nsequences: Global Climate Rally in April? You can watch it here.  We had a lot of great speakers and performers.

🌍 Want to make your lifestyle greener?  Boost your knowledge. Check out our Earth Care Toolkit.



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Democratically Yours,

DA Environment & Climate Crisis Council