Co2nsequences: ECCC May Newsletter 2023

Message from the Chair

The World Meteorological Organization released the latest news in May; the 1.5C degree threshold will be crossed as soon as 2027 at our current pace of carbon emissions.  The time to act is now! The fossil fuel industry must be taken to account, as they push our planet to the brink of disaster. The industry has intentionally provoked misguided attacks on ESGs across the industry, and profits from fossil fuel companies worldwide like Shell, are at an all-time high. We continue, nonetheless, to subsidize the industry to no logical end. Interestingly, this week 130 members of Congress and the European Parliament urged that Sultan Al Jabar, who runs the State owned Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, be removed as President of the U.N. Climate Conference COP28.

The GOP aligned Supreme Court also just gutted Clean Water Act protections for tens of millions of acres of wetlands. Their ruling in Sackett vs Environmental Protection Agency basically allows corporations to poison drinking water for millions of Americans and pollute vital, life-sustaining wetlands across the country.

President Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency announced new carbon pollution regulations this month for existing power plants that would a cut or capture of all emissions by 2040, considerable as these account for 25% of the country’s climate pollution. This is an important step in meeting Biden’s climate goals, however, the new rules only affect frequently used plants over 300 megawatts, only 147 out of 3400 fossil-fueled plants in the U.S.  61 million people in low-income and communities of color continue living in range of plants whose emissions are not subject to the new rules.

In optimistic news, Ohio, traditionally against financial deals fostering net zero, will soon host the largest solar panel factory outside of China!  Thanks to the IRA, this has been realized through massive investment attracted by tax credits. Alabama has also announced a one billion dollar investment in clean energy manufacturing.

Biden has made great strides, but we have a long road to travel to reach a true and just energy transition. We must put an end to this last gasp of the fossil profit frenzy. Decarbonisation is inevitable and unstoppable, but we must move up the pace before it’s too late. Join us in calling for the President to declare a National Climate Emergency.

Please sign our petition and press your representatives to take decisive action on behalf of the environment and climate. Your voice matters.  Your vote matters.

Dana Freling 

Chair, DA Environment & Climate Crisis Council

Six states have elections scheduled for 2023: KENTUCKY, LOUISIANA, MISSISSIPPI, NEW JERSEY, VIRGINIA, WISCONSIN. It’s good practice to register every year to vote, so request your absentee ballot today from! For more information about specific races check 2023 State Voting Information and 2023 Election Dates.     

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Your Diet: A Cause and Effect of Climate Change

By Elizabeth Clarey

Check out these news highlights from the last month!

Media articles:

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🙅🏻 Markey bill would restore ban on US fossil fuel exports

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🚰  Colorado Frackers Doubled Freshwater Use During Megadrought, Even as Drilling and Oil Production Fell

♻️ EPA looks to toss ‘deceptive’ plastics recycling symbol

🛠 White House Unveils a New Climate Fix: Building Codes and Energy Retrofits

⚖️ A Supreme Court Ruling the Fossil-Fuel Industry Doesn’t Like

🏡 Biden announces new fund to help low-income housing get climate upgrades

Is carbon capture viable? In a new rule, the EPA is asking power plants to prove it.

♨️ Federal pipeline agency rolls out methane proposal

💰 Climate Resolution Voted Down in El Paso After Fossil Fuel Interests and Other Opponents Pour More Than $1 Million into Opposition

🏆 The 2023 Winners of the Goldman Environmental Prize Will Go Down in History

🏦 Why the Debt Ceiling Debate Is Also a Climate Fight


🗣 U.S. Climate Envoy John Kerry Speaks To British Parliament Committee

🚜 Tipping Point: Agriculture on the brink

🌍 ECCC Earth Day Video 2023

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