CO₂nsequences: ECCC August 2023 Newsletter


Message From the Chair

The fires are still burning, floods continue unabated, ocean temperatures have risen to 38C, whales are beaching themselves, and human lives are lost and threatened, while the world experienced the hottest June and July in history. As we grapple with these shocking images, the demand for fossil fuels has not yet reached its peak. As a global society, we are literally fueling the fires that are killing us.

A G20 Climate Ministers’ meeting took place in late July without agreement on targets to cut energy emissions and accelerate the energy transition. The Summit of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization also convened in Belem, Brazil, where eight South American nations agreed to joint actions to protect the Amazon rain forest, but failed to mention a target to halt deforestation. Sadly, Uruguay is under such severe drought that half its population has no access to potable tap water.

Some great news in the U.S., however, with the monumental decision handed down this week in the Held v Montana case. 16 brave youth plaintiffs sued the state for enacting policies that promote fossil fuel production, violating their constitutional right to a healthy environment. The ruling could influence dozens of other similar cases across the U.S. and the world, and this might prove a watershed for advancing action on climate change.

With pride, President Biden established the Ancestral Footprints of the Grand Canyon National Monument in Arizona this month, honoring Tribal Nations and Indigenous peoples, while conserving public lands, protecting wildlife habitat and clean water, and supporting local economies.

We are also celebrating the one year anniversary of the landmark legislation, the Inflation Reduction Act, the largest investment in climate change mitigation, environmental justice, and support of renewable energy in history. As the nearly billion dollars in investments continue to roll out, in concert with the Infrastructure Bill, we acknowledge the strides and efforts in guiding our nation, and hence the world, toward a just, renewable energy transition. Happy birthday to the IRA...and thank you!!

The devastation from the wildfires in Maui, which has incurred the largest death toll from fires in U.S. history, continues to be assessed. Efforts to halt global catastrophes are not adequate, despite the President’s extensive efforts. These fires, and other disasters around the world, are a direct consequence of climate change. President Biden has said he has practically declared a climate emergency…but he has not made that logistical step. Please join us in urging the President to declare a National Climate Emergency today by signing our petition. This measure will unlock additional federal powers to address the crisis.

Sign our petition and press your representatives to take decisive action on behalf of the environment and climate. Your voice matters.  Your vote matters.

 Dana Freling 

Chair, DA Environment & Climate Crisis Council

Six states have elections scheduled for 2023: KENTUCKY, LOUISIANA, MISSISSIPPI, NEW JERSEY, OHIO, PENNSYLVANIA, RHODE ISLAND, UTAH, and VIRGINIA. It’s good practice to register every year to vote, so request your absentee ballot today from! For more information about specific races check 2023 State Voting Information and 2023 Election Dates.     

If you are a Florida voter, you can also sign on to the Right to Clean Water Ballot Initiative now. With enough signatures, it will go forward to the 2024 elections ballot.  Download the petition to sign and mail, and view the full text of the Amendment here.

Please join us for our next Climate Cafe on Wednesday, September 20th at 10:00am ET/4:00pm CET. We will examine the important role biodiversity plays in determining the climate agenda.  Graham Prescott, a Cambridge University trained, inter-disciplinary conservation scientist, will be our special guest for this important discussion.



The Health Effects of Wildfire Smoke by Elizabeth Clarey

Carbon Farming by Gabrielle Leyden


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