October 25, 2021

DAJ Late October 21 Newsletter

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2021 10 Second  Newsletter contents: 

  1. Message from your national officers
    1. GoTV activities and plans for 2022
    2. Halloween and Thanksgiving
    3. Action Meeting - Climate
    4. DAJ Website renewal open
  2. A small action you can take today!
    1. Do something about the Climate Crisis
  3. Voter’s Alert - VA, OH, and NJ
  4. Upcoming DA Japan Events 
    1. Action Meeting: Take action on the Climate Crisis 
    2. Online Halloween Costume Party
    3. GOTV 2022 Election Strategy Meeting
    4. Monthly SPEAKEASY
  5. Event Calendar on DAJ Welcome Page
  6. Upcoming DA Global Events
    1. Caucus Events: 
      1. Taco Tuesday- Global Hispanic Caucus
      2. Global Disability Caucus - Connect the Dots
    2. Democrats Abroad State Team
      1. Wisconsinites, Texans, 
    3. Global Black Caucus
  7. Past Events
    1. Recording of the Getting all your Stimulus Payments Webinar 
  8. Community Interest
    1. REI Virtual Walk

🌟Message from your national officers

2021 10 Second  Newsletter contents: 

As fall sets in, we find ourselves focusing on holidays and 2021 elections. 

Are you a New Jersey and Virginia voter?  There’s still time for you to send your ballots - and while you are at it check in with your friends at home to make sure they are voting! - details below.

Enjoy Halloween? The Kanto Chapter will host an online Halloween Costume Party - see info below.  

Are you interested in the climate crisis? Join DA Japan’s Action meeting on Oct 28 at 8:00pm which features a guest speaker from the Climate Reality project - details below.  

Miss the DAJ Annual Thanksgiving Events? With Covid numbers going down and Thanksgiving around the corner, DAJ chapters are considering how to hold holiday events online and  in person.  See info below if you would like to get involved in thanksgiving event planning. See details below.

Want to overseas voters to have an impact in 2022? DA Japan is looking for volunteers to join the Get Out The Vote (GOTV) and communications  teams now. Please scroll down to find out more!

Love a good party or Demo? there are several ideas in the works for January and we are looking for members who love a good party and those who would like to ensure we have another successful Women’s March in January.   Please scroll down to find out more!

Our DAJ Welcome Page has been renewed with a link to our calendar of events.

You are Democrats Abroad Japan. DAJapan is the US Democratic Party  here in Japan. We make every US citizen’s voice heard through electing democrats, influencing policy, and connecting with each other.  We are as powerful as our members are active   make your voices heard by joining our events and teams. 

Join us!

❤️ From your DA Japan Executive Committee

Sarajean (Chair), Elliott (Vice Chair), Dave (Secretary), Ruth (Treasurer)

🌟 A small action you can take today!

1️⃣ Care about the climate crisis? Then there are several things you can do right now to make a difference: 1) reduce your plastic use by giving up use of PET bottles 2) shop responsibly and support companies that are acting on the climate crisis and 3) talk to others about what they can do to affect the climate crisis and 4) put people in power who will take bold action to act on the climate crisis -=> VOTE. 5) create your own resist bot to contact your congress members. 6) Join us on the 28th - see below


Instructions on how to set up Telegram and Resist.bot on your smartphone and PC: Presentation HERE: video walk-through HERE:


🌟 Voters Alert

1️⃣ Virginia, Ohio, and New Jersey VOTERS: 

Hey, Virginia and New Jersey Voters, have you sent in your ballots yet? 

Virginia election information: You must mail back your ballot, so you'll want to give yourself plenty of time.Your ballot must be postmarked by Nov 2, 2021, 7pm AND received by Nov 5, 2021, 12pm Eastern**REMEMBER: You Must Have a Witness Sign Your Ballot! ** If You Don't Have Your Ballot Yet, Mail In a Backup Ballot Now => found HERE

 New Jersey information HERE: Your ballot must be received in New Jersey by Nov 2, 2021, 8pm Eastern. You can return your ballot by email (recommended) or fax to meet the deadline, but you must also mail the original signed ballot at the same time. You can check your ballot status online HERE:

🌟Upcoming DA Japan Events

1️⃣ Action Meeting:

 The Climate Crisis and policy now => Take action! 

Action Meeting Thursday, October 28th,  8 to 9:30PM


7:45-8:00 sign in

8:00-9:30 Open discussion 


Chris Kozak, Climate Reality Leader

Moderator: Sarajean 

Join Chris and Sarajean for an informative and energizing discussion about climate action!  We will talk about living a more sustainable lifestyle, the Green New Deal, the Citizens Climate Lobby and actions we can take right now at the local, community, and federal levels. 

Actions will include

1) simple things you can do every day

2) using your consumer power to support greener businesses and

3) contacting govt officials on a specific bill and

4) voting.

Chris Kozak(right) with Al Gore

Chris Kozak is a climate crisis education consultant, helping teachers and students of all ages understand the science of global warming while maintaining a positive focus on solutions.


*If you are interested in being a green leader for the future this is for you!

NOTE: We will share a pre-event email just before the event to get you prepared for the talk!


2️⃣  Kanto Online Halloween Costume Party

Tricks and treats for all ages. Come join the DAJ Halloween Costume Party (via Zoom) on Sunday, October 31st from 19:00-21:00 (Tokyo time). There will be trivia games and prizes for the best political, most original, funniest and scariest costume. It should be a lot of fun for the whole family. Please click on the link below and RSVP us to join the Halloween fun. HERE:

3️⃣ GOTV 2022 Election Strategy Opening Discussion 11am-12:30, Nov 7th

Discussion on basic plans for 2022 elections.

We will discuss

  • How we can reach more voters - using media, events, ads and organizational networks
  • Programs or events that will attract new people to voting and DA Japan
  • How we can each contribute to victory in 2022

*If you are interested in enhancing our impact in 2022 by maintaining control of congress and state leadership then this is for you!



4️⃣ November SPEAKEASY on the 11th at 7pm

Bring your favorite beverage

and join friends, new and old, at the DAJ Speakeasy.  Online on Webex.  RSVP for link   RSVP HERE:



🌟 DAJ Welcome Page Renewal :

The DAJ Welcome Page has a new look and welcome message.  By popular demand, we have added a calendar so you can see the DAJ and DA Global and Regional events at a glance.  Check it out HERE:


🌟 Volunteer Opportunities :

1️⃣  Call for GoTV committee members!

VFA opening page

Getting out the vote: Join us in Getting Out the Vote of the other 92%!

We need DA Japan members throughout Japan to join the GOTV Committee! What we will do: online and (in 2022) in-person events, gather info on upcoming elections, join community events,  online and (in the future) in-person voter registration and information events.

If you're interested, please send an email to [email protected]

2️⃣ Call for Communications committee members!

We need to contact Democrats abroad Japan members and the other 85,000 Americans living in Japan to engage them in the 2022 elections.  What we will do: contact other organizations, contact the media, create short videos, spread the word about events using traditional and social media. If you're interested, please send an email to [email protected]

🌟 Save the Date! Upcoming DA Global Events

1️⃣ Tuesday, October 26th, 8pm tokyo time It's Taco Tuesday!

 Time to Tacobout issues and take action.

Welcome Global Hispanic Caucus Chair Onélica Andrade! Onélica and the newly elected GHC Steering Committee want to meet you! GHC leaders invite AP Regional members to get to know them, share ideas on activities and initiatives to get out the Latino vote abroad for 2021 (special elections) and 2022 (Midterm elections). We will also take stock of the progress made on short term goals during Hispanic Heritage month.

Please RSVP & call in from home, or your fav taco truck HERE:


Saturday, October 30, 2021 at 10pm

We have a number of events in the works and, of course, lots of work to do.  We also look forward to building a wonderful community of supportive, committed and creative people with disabilities and allies dedicated to furthering our shared goals.

“The Future is Accessible!”  Please RSVP HERE: and join us on the 30th!

3️⃣ Democrats Aboard State teams 

4️⃣ The Global Black Caucus (GBC) needs your help… And you don’t have to be African-American to join! Our GBC Steering Committee Team Leads are looking for volunteers who are interested in joining various teams. The GBC volunteer works closely with our Engagement, Press / Media Relations, Communications, Reparations, Fundraising, Networking and GOTV Team Leads. We encourage and facilitate Black Americans abroad to engage, become informed, and exercise their voting franchise. Interested? Please fill out the form HERE and we will get in touch with you. contact GBC leadership directly for more information : [email protected]

🌟Past DA Global Events


If you missed the Webinar, catch the recording as tax expert Nathalie Goldstein MsC, EA and CEO of
MyExpatTaxes discusses how to receive your Economic Impact Payments as an American living abroad, plus discusses 101 tax basics.

 Recording HERE:






1️⃣REI Virtual Walk:

The trail to Friendship Bridge Nov 13, online refugee journey

simulation Follow the trail that many refugees take while just going about your day-to-day routines. You can walk, run, cycle or even swim and track your progress.The route will cover 131 kilometers and run from 13 November to 1 December 2021. Registration from Nov 1. More details HERE: