December 2023 Brain Zone Quiz




In the spirit of the season and since we had several links on the Donut Dollies highlighting how donuts were, and probably still are, important to the quality of life of our troops, here are two Donut quizzes. There was an interesting anecdote in one of the Donut Dollies articles about how the British charged their troops for goodies, so that the Red Cross stopped giving donuts free to our troops! 

"Imagine, for Thanksgiving, you go to your parents' for dinner and after a nice dinner they say, 'That's going to be $10 per person,' " Simonsohn says. "You would be upset."

The problem isn't the price — $10 for a good turkey dinner might not be such a bad deal— but that you're being charged in the first place. It changes the relationship. For the veterans, the Red Cross went from being a little like Mom, to being the corner store.


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