January 13, 2024

Join the Democracy Squad

Democrats Abroad invites everyone to participate, no matter where you live / no matter which country you live in. to engage as Attachés for our Democracy Squad 2024. Our Democracy Squad will help penetrate local social media groups to engage Americans outside DA’s normal purview, who may be unaware of their voting rights, procedures, and timetables. 


Our Objectives: 

  • Raise awareness of Vote From Abroad by providing information to Americans Living Abroad on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, the new social media platform, and other social media groups. 
  • Assist overseas voters
  • Dismantle voting misinformation about voting from abroad
  • Become a trusted partner/voter volunteer
  • Promote voter help sessions

We'll give you all the graphics, text, and information you need to help get out the vote.


Sign up here, and we'll be in touch.