Democrats Abroad Welcomes Non-Binary Candidates for 2020 Delegation

Democrats Abroad strives to ensure that the party’s delegation to the 2020 Democratic National Convention (DNC) accurately reflects the diversity of Democrats Abroad. To that end, the Affirmative Action Committee of Democrats Abroad works to make certain that opportunities exist for those from historically-disadvantaged groups to run for delegate positions

Women and LGBT Americans are recognized as historically-disadvantaged groups in our Affirmative Action goals. However, Democrats Abroad recognizes that gender identity is not binary, and we encourage everyone, regardless of gender identity or expression, to apply to become a delegate. 

Democrats Abroad’s delegation to the national convention will be equally divided between men and women. Those who self-identify as non-binary will not be counted as men or women for the purposes of gender parity. Furthermore, Democrats Abroad’s efforts to reach gender parity may not in any way be used to reject or limit non-binary gender candidates. 


More information about running for a delegate position can be found in the Democrats Abroad Guide for prospective delegates.