Geneva Women's March on Washington

Volunteers are Needed

DA members are invited to help organize and to join in this solidarity march through Geneva in support of the Women's March on Washington to be held on the first day of the next U.S. administration. The planned Geneva march will send a strong message that women’s rights are human rights, and that all marchers stand together in defense of hard won civil rights.

Geneva march organizing meetings are every Saturday from 3 to 4:30 pm at floating locations in Geneva, Nyon or Lausanne. Email [email protected] for more information.

Geneva Women's March for Dignity, January 21, 2017

Geneva, a world center for democracy and human rights, will host a march on the 21st of January in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington. Open to all who share the values of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Geneva Women's March for Dignity

On January 21, 2017, we invite you to march in Geneva as part of the Global Women’s March, a series of solidarity marches around the world inspired by the Women’s March on Washington. Global and U.S. women stand together in solidarity with our partners and children for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families — recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our societies. We invite you to march with us across the globe, in the spirit of democracy and honoring the champions of human rights, dignity, and justice who have come before us and who stand among us today.

Mission of the Global Women's Marches

The mission of the Global Women’s Marches is not only to stand together in solidarity for the protection of our rights, our safety, our families and our environment — it is also to build relationships and mend the divides between our communities. Only together can we march towards a world that respects the civil rights of all of its citizens. The rhetoric of elections in many countries in recent years and of the last US election cycle in particular has insulted, demonized, and threatened many of us. There has been a profound deepening of the divisions in many countries. Etched in history, these divisions cleave us from one another across the lines of racial, ethnic, religious, economic, social and sexual identity. We seek to address these divisions and stand together in the face of injustice. Together we will raise our voices in the service of all people.

The Global Women’s March is the first step to beginning the next chapter in the global non-violent civil rights movement that we are now creating in response to the wave of xenophobia, sexism, racism, isolationism and nationalism expressed in national elections across the globe in recent years.

Email [email protected] for questions, media requests or to help organize