Volunteer to Verify Members

Membership Clean-up Season has arrived! 

Help us start the new year with a clean slate by tidying up our member list. Each year on Jan. 31 DA takes a ‘snapshot’ of our member list in order to determine our official number of ‘valid’ members. A valid member must meet the following conditions:

  • Be already approved as a member
  • Have a local street address and/or local phone number
  • Be verified as still living in your country within the past 4 years. In other words the membership ‘Expiry date’ is after Jan. 31, 2017

(Remember that members not meeting the above criteria can remain on your mailing list, they will just not be included in the official count.)

Join our crack team of net detectives

There are hundreds of members we haven’t heard from in years. Are they still in Switzerland, or have they moved away? Help us find out!We always reach out to other members to volunteer to help us validate those members with whom we've lost contact. Volunteers can decide your own schedule and time commitment. The process has become very user friendly and simple by making free calls from your computer whenever you have a little time. And it's an important contribution to our organization, as the size of our membership directly affects our level of influence.

To be part of the investigation, send an email to Vice-Chair Peter Butterfield ([email protected]) and he'll get you started.