September 07, 2023

We can make a positive change

It’s been a busy political summer – more active for some than others. As voters we need to be informed about issues and candidates. Many states are making it more difficult for people to vote, so it’s crucial that every US citizen votes to make their voices heard, even those of us living abroad. As expats in Mexico, we can make a difference!

Voting is a fundamental aspect of a democratic society and holds significant importance for several reasons:

  • Voting allows you to choose representatives who will make decisions on your behalf in various levels of government. When everyone votes, it ensures that the government reflects the will and interests of the people.
  • By voting, you can hold your elected officials accountable for their actions. If they don’t fulfill their promises or fail to address critical issues, you can choose not to re-elect them.
  • Voting is a way for us to participate in the democratic process. Most of us have family and friends living in the US, so we can still have a say in shaping policies and laws that benefit them. We can use our votes to promote social change and advance important causes. We can influence issues like civil rights, environmental protection, healthcare, and more by electing officials who support specific policies or reforms.
  • In a democracy, power is meant to be distributed among the people. Voting helps prevent the concentration of power in the hands of a few by allowing the majority to express their preferences. Voting provides an opportunity for diverse voices and perspectives to be heard. It ensures that decisions are made considering various segments of the population.

The 2024 election could be the most important one in your lifetime. Your vote does count!

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