Global Women’s Caucus Turns 30

Event-in-the-Box for a Launch Party

​​DA Women's Caucus Celebrates 30

Welcome to our global community of Democrats who strive to promote the rights and equality of women everywhere by mobilizing the democratic vote overseas. By joining us, you are connecting with activists all over the world, and we are counting on your help to fight for gender equality. This year we celebrate 30 years of hard work and success, but realize our work is far from over. Join our celebration by hosting your very own launch party with materials and suggestions to help you recruit members and start making a difference.

If your time zone permits, we are inviting women’s caucuses to also tune in to our satellite celebration in Paris on June 18th at 2:00 pm CET.

Suggested Time-Line and Event Ideas for online and in person event:

  1. Welcome and Introduction
    1. This is the time for you to introduce your new women’s country caucus and all its members. Depending on the size of your caucus, let people say something about themselves. This can be as simple as stating your name and the U.S. state you’re registered in.
  2. EDUCATE: 5-30 minute video presentation
    1. Example 1: educate members about the Global Women’s Caucus and our purpose within Democrats Abroad and the DNC. Short videos can be found here:
      1. GWC Manifesto slideshow
      2. GWC YouTube channel
      3. Democrats Abroad YouTube channel
      4. DNC YouTube channel
    2. Example 2: Inspire members with an educational short documentary or interview. Resources can be found here or pick your own:
      1. She’s That Woman
      2. Short, themed interviews with GWC leaders
      3. Planned Parenthood
      4. Women and Climate
      5. Equal Rights Amendment
  3. COMMUNITY. (~30 minutes) Build your caucus
    1. This is the point to get some interaction and engagement with your members. Some suggestions:
      1. Ask members to talk about and discuss the issues that are most important to them and perhaps find an issue that will form the basis for your caucus. Find a topic from our list of “kitchen table talks
      2. Come up with ways that your caucus will meet regularly (e.g., coffee dates, movie nights, book clubs, activist discussion in the park, etc.)
      3. Hero show-and-tell:
        1. Have members present on their female heroes and discuss the importance and (if applicable) the controversies of their import.
  4. ACTION. (~30 minutes) Brainstorm your action
    1. Brainstorm ways your caucus can reach out to your local community and build membership (e.g., host voter registration drives, postcard campaigns, etc.).
      1. The GWC has materials and resources for you if you decide to develop one of these ideas.
      2. You can also join one of our global action teams to find ways the GWC is acting
    2. Video recording
      1. Have everyone record a 10-20 second clip about the importance of voting from abroad. Everyone can help with the script.
    3. Make sure your members are registered to vote and are members of Democrats Abroad