February 15, 2023

Help Elect Dems in 2024 - join our chapter's leadership team!

We will be holding Oxford chapter elections on March 13 at 7pm virtually via Zoom. We invite nominees for the following roles:

Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and 3 Executive Committee members at large

Activities of the Oxford chapter are varied and include: Get out the vote (GOTV) initiatives such as phone banking, postcard writing and voter registration, hosting pints and politics and regular membership meetings, liaising with DAUK and other chapters’ leadership and committees, and building member engagement by providing interesting and stimulating opportunities to learn about policies, candidates, books and movies regarding American politics. Nominees need not have specific experience in these areas - just an interest in and ability to develop the chapter’s core activities.

If after studying the leadership role descriptions, you want to be a part of the DAUK Oxford chapter leadership team, please email us at [email protected] to indicate your interest. Please tell us something about yourself, your skills and why you want to be more involved with DAUK Oxford. There is no deadline for nominations - they can even be made during the meeting on March 13. However, if someone is nominated by March 1, we will send their names to members in advance of the election as required by our bylaws.

After the election, we will have an in-person pub visit in central Oxford with location to be determined.
For more information about Democrats Abroad UK more broadly, please visit DemocratsAbroad.org.uk

Best wishes,

DAUK Oxford Nominating Committee

Note: Democrats Abroad terms are for 2 years. The term runs from March 2023 to the first quarter of 2025. Potential candidates should consider whether they are able to commit to the full term and are able to make themselves available to participate in chapter activities.

The Chair is the Chief Executive Officer of the chapter. He/she maintains a close relationship with DAUK leadership, attends DA and DAUK meetings and presides at all meetings of the chapter. The Chair is responsible for the day-to-day activities and helps shape the chapter’s strategies and goals. The chair appoints committees as needed for the execution of the activities of DAUK-Oxford and oversees their performance.

The Vice Chair shall act in the absence of the Chair, shall undertake such other specific duties as the Chair may direct and shall, whenever possible, attend meetings of DAUK. The Vice Chair must be of a different gender than the Chair.

The secretary maintains or has access to a list of members of the organization, minutes of all meetings of the organization, oversees the activities on social media and keeps all files and administrative records of the organization available for inspection by any member.

The Treasurer is responsible for the financial management of the organization, including the preparation of the budget, fund raising activities and shall be responsible for financial record keeping and reporting as required by law.

Executive Committee members x 3:
The Executive Committee members help to manage and execute the activities of DAUK-Oxford and offer support to the board as part of a wider leadership team.