Host a Postal Party

Meeting up with like-minded Americans to take action for democracy is empowering and fun. If there's a nearby Democrats Abroad group, get in touch about attending or helping to organize an event. If there isn't an active group near you, consider creating your own meet up!

Here's a brief "how to" for creating your own letter writing get together. 

1. Find a location
Look for a restaurant, cafe or other public space that isn't too noisy or too distracting. Contact the space owners and arrange reservations for the number you expect. Check to see if it is possible to expand your reservation in case your event grows larger than expected.

2. Prepare your materials

  • Bring enough paper and envelopes or postcards to provide for two letters or cards a person
  • Bring stamps to sell
  • Consider bringing pens too
  • If your location doesn't have wifi, print out a few copies of this list of Senate addresses
  • Consider printing our "Tips for Writing Congress"
  • Consider printing a few sample letters, we keep these updated each week. 

3. Reinforcements
Ask a friend or two to help out. They can help:

  • Answer questions
  • Hand out materials 
  • Look up addresses online or on your address sheet

4. Advertise your event

  • Invite your friends, ask them to invite theirs
  • Set up an event page on Facebook 
  • Make posters or leaflets to leave at cafes or schools.
  • Get in touch with us about inviting local Dems Abroad members


If you're planning a Letters to the Editor party, read over these guidelines to ensure better chances of your letters being published!