Some Information on Covid-19

Following are some bits of info that may be of interest (in no particular order):

  • Democratic Senators as well as the American Legion, VFW, and other military organizations sent letters to Sec. of Treasury and Sec. of VA urging them to NOT require tax returns or a "blank" form for receipt of stimulus checks from CARES Act.

  • Dem Rep Deb Haaland, NM and Rep Rep Doug Lamborn, CO have teamed across the Isle to advocate for financial relief for military families caught in Stop Order of 11 March. Currently regs allow $1500 for incidental expenses incurred while moving, but because of the Stop Order many families are caught in between e.g. with HHG already left and owners left behind requiring them to buy/rent new stuff.

  • VA will now allow extensions of 60/30 day time limits for submission of claims/appeals by allowing late claims along with a request for extension without requiring advance approval. Also, typed and digital signatures will be accepted. Also, for vets who have pending appeals and COVID-19, the Board of VA Appeals will advance those cases on the docket.

  • Camp Casey in Korea now has some cases of COVID-19. It may be that vets in that area can receive testing/treatment there, but perhaps like Landstuhl in Germany, that may be limited to active duty only.

  • BDD (Benefits Delivery at Discharge). For those overseas, this process may be started/completed in-country but member must have time to complete medical exam/s. Germany=BDD office in Landstuhl. Korea=BDD office in Camp Humphreys.

  • Dems pushing across the board for Vote by Mail! Trump and his minions are against it (for obvious reasons but claiming fraud). The military has been voting by mail for decades with zero complaints or evidence of fraud, waste, or abuse! Another obvious case of Trump vs Logic!