DA Mexico Vice Chair of Chapter Affairs / DPCA Voting Representative / DA Guadalajara Chapter Chair

I have been living and working in Guadalajara for 18 years. My background is in communications, psychology, and education, and I work as an independent editor and as a psychotherapist (mostly online these days). I´ve been a member of DA since before the Guadalajara chapter formed and in 2017 helped to build our chapter. I was eventually elected to Chair in February 2019. For the past two years I’ve worked alongside an enthusiastic and talented team of active volunteers, including those from other chapters. The cohesive relationship we have built amongst our chapters has been one of the most gratifying experiences of my involvement with DA. With my experience in chapter building and management, I think I’d be a great support to other chapters, sharing infrastructure and operational ideas, helping brainstorm complicated issues, serving as liaison to other areas in the organization, and being a strong shoulder to lean on if needed.
I am bilingual and a dual citizen, having received my Mexican citizenship in December of 2017. I am married to Carlos Dominguez Huerta and am the doting mother of two French bulldogs. 


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  • Always encouraged to do anything I thought I wanted to or could

    It was my father who taught my mother to cook, sew, and clean the house. He´d grown up on a farm and had to share in all kinds of chores. My mother was raised more "the princess" which I leaned does no one any good. I learned it all too, including how build things, fix a flat, and mow the yard. There was a sense of joy in learning to do something with skill whatever it was. So when I went to college and then on to work for a living, I considered all kinds of livelihoods and ended up commercial fishing in the Bering Sea where I learned more skills and found I could do equal the work but had to negotiate for a fair share of the wage. I consider it Neanderthal thinking that one sex deserves more than another based on gender alone. All anyone has to do is read a few history books to understand the tyranny in this thinking. I'll continue to support the ERA for as long as I have breath in my body!  Live in Mexico, Vote in Idaho

Judy Lynn "Jude" Wallesen has been living and working in Guadalajara for eighteen years. She has a background in communications, psychology, and education and is a practicing psychotherapist with CADE (Centro de Ansiedad, Depresión, y Estrés).