AGMS and Elections Explained

As of this posting on March 29th 2017, you’ve receive (and will receive more) a myriad of emails about AGMs and Elections in this organization. And I receive a myriad of questions. Totally understandable.

 So let me try to explain the DA world.

The Democratic Party Committee Abroad (DPCA) is the international governing body of Democrats Abroad

Democrats Abroad is organized by regions

  • Americas
  • EMEA (Europe Middle East Africa)
  • Asia Pacific

Regions are made up of Country Committees–

  • There are around 60 Country Committees-but let’s just concentrate on Canada- a member of the Americas Region

Country Committees are made up of Chapters –

  • There are around 15 Chapters across Canada that make up the Country Committee-but let’s concentrate on Toronto

You receive emails from these three different levels of the organizations. All these participating groups of Democrats Abroad are required to have an AGM and elections and we’re required by various charters and by-laws to inform you, ergo a lot of emails you may not be interested in. 

Your vote is important to the future of this organization. Very few people vote in internal Democrats Abroad elections. It's usually just been us folks who are willing to take on the work of Getting Out the Vote that ran for office. The fact that we had to be elected was just a formality.

But this year it's different with in the Canada elections. It is the first time we have contested positions and we need participation by our members to make a fair selection.

I ask you to take a few moments and participate in the democratic process for the election of the leaders of this hardworking organization.

Canada’s information

 Registration for Toronto In-Person Gathering for Canada’s AGM above Webex Registration also required)

 Toronto’s Information

 Please note, as I am running for Chair of Toronto, uncontested, I have already asked all of the nominees to stay on the Toronto board as part of a committee no matter who “wins”! But I ask you still to participate.

The Global AGM is in May-and the America’s AGM is as well. There will be emails yet to come, but again, please participate, and most important…please don’t unsubscribe from receiving our emails.

 I will do my best to update this article with news about about other AGMS as I get them.


Thank you,

Julie Buchanan

[email protected]

Acting Chair – Toronto