June 1 - Resistance Summer!

June 1st marks the first day of Resistance Summer and Pride Month! Kick starting Resistance Summer, several country committees are taking part in the global March for Truth on June 3rd. Find a march near you, or join us on social media with a picture of you and your protest poster (don’t forget to add #DAMarchForTruth to your post so we can find you!).  

We’re also urging members to call or email the White House about Trump’s Paris Accord decision. We’ll be sending out a global email shortly about this initiative.

On Thursday, June 15 country committees around the world are planning on participating in the Residency Based Taxation Call Storm. The Taxation team has set up a handy page here to help explain the campaign. This week we’ll be sending out additional supplements to help make the action even easier. Please consider adding it to your schedule for this month!   

The Get Out the Vote (GOTV) team are starting a last push for the GA 06 runoff election, sending out emails and asking phone banking volunteers to call our GA 06 members one more time to make sure that they have either mailed in their ballot or (if they haven’t received it yet) sent in their FWAB. If you would like to help out on phone banking, get in touch with the GOTV team at [email protected]. More soon on the SC 05 race and Archie Parnell.  

Our Regional Vice Chairs (RVCs) are in the process of calling all country committees about summer actions and getting their teams ramped up. In the Americas Kathy Rothschild (Costa Rica) has agreed to act as deputy RVC for Jody Quinnell, in Asia Pacific Kat Allikian (New Zealand) and Kari Hiepko-Odermann (India) are helping out Shaun Barnes as his deputies and in EMEA Bob Vallier (France), Michelle Taube (Denmark) and Quaide Williams (Germany) have agreed to help Will Bakker as deputies.

Until next week!