September 17, 2018

A Message to Kansas Voters

Your vote this fall is important to Kansas!

We have a chance to elect Laura Kelly for Governor (and to STOP Kris Kobach) this year. Public polling shows the race a dead heat between Kelly and Kobach, with an independent candidate trailing far behind but threatening to play the role of a spoiler if we do not maximize the votes of Democrats. That's why we need your vote.

We have a chance to send multiple Democrats to Congress to assure a Democratic majority in the House. For the first time in recent memory, we have strong candidates in all four of our congressional districts. Both the Third and Second Congressional Districts have received national attention as potential pickups for Democrats, and national Republicans have been concerned about all four districts—so concerned that John Boehner came to Kansas to fundraise.

(Democratic candidates to represent Kansas in the US Congress: 1st Congressional District: Alan LaPolice, 2nd Congressional District: Paul Davis, 3rd Congressional District: Sharice Davids, 4th Congressional District: James Thompson)

We have a chance to win down-ballot statewide races and make gains in the state legislature. We have a chance to pick up seats on county commissions and the State Board of Education. Democrats are poised to make historic gains in Kansas. Find a complete list of our candidates at

Democrats can win in Kansas, but we need your help to make those victories happen.

Even if you voted from abroad in the past, if you haven't yet requested your ballot this year, you still need to do so to make sure you can vote. Just go to, fill in the Federal request form, print, sign and send it in to your local election office here in Kansas.

On behalf of the Kansas Democratic Party I thank you for your commitment to voting

Democratically yours,
John Gibson
Chair, Kansas Democratic Party


Your deadlines are coming up. Don't forget:

REGISTER to vote from abroad by Tuesday, October 16. Your registration form will also request your ballot and may be sent by email, fax or postal mail. We recommend registering by email or fax.


REQUEST your overseas absentee ballot by Tuesday, November 6. You may send your request form by email, fax or postal mail. We recommend sending your request form by email or fax, and having your ballot delivered to you by email.


RETURNyour ballot by Tuesday, November 6, 8 pm local time. You can send your ballot by email, fax or postal mail as long as it is received by your local election office by the deadline.


All overseas voters may vote in Kansas state and local elections as well as elections for federal offices (US House and US Senate races).