Thursday, April 18


Boot Up Democracy! Italy's Annual General Meeting: Special guests Simon Rosenberg & David Pepper!

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      Democrats Abroad Italy
🎉 Annual General Meeting 🎉

🌟 Join us for an inspiring evening of optimismstorytelling, and action! 🌟

🎤 Two world renowned guest speakers with Q&A:

The peerless David Pepper: is a democracy champion and author of several impactful works.  His Substack, Pepperspectives, serves as a platform for thought provoking insights and discussions related to democracy, politics and civic engagement. His most recent book, Saving Democracy: A User’s Manual for Every American provides practical guidance on concrete actions we everyday mortals can take to safeguard our democracy.

The incomparable Simon Rosenberg:  Simon’s Substack, Hopium Chronicles, offers expert commentary from his 30-year experience in U.S. politics. At Hopium, he focuses on strategies to defeat MAGA, effectively communicate our story while we fight to uphold freedom and democracy. Expect sharp analysis and a healthy dose of action-oriented optimism! 

Agenda Highlights:

🏆 Contests: Show off your political prowess in our slogan competition using the word boot (Italy)! 

  • Interactive Q & A/Brainstorming: We need to act fast and TOGETHER save democracy!
  • Prizes await the sharpest minds! 

💙❤️💙Don't let distance silence our democracy! 💙❤️💙

Will you commit to asking three friends or family members to join our AGM? 



Thursday, April 18, 2024 at 07:00 PM Rome Time


This is a virtual event. See the event description above or RSVP for virtual participation options.


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