February 09, 2021


Greetings from the Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC).

We are responsible for planning and organizing a “non-violent” transition of power to a new leadership team for DA CDMX for the 2021-2023 period.  This starts with a broad request for nominations.

Over the next few weeks, we will assemble a slate of candidates for consideration of the DA CDMX membership in an election that will conclude at our upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) currently scheduled for March 7.

DA CDMX is looking for a Leadership Team that will be responsible for: a) continuing the successful path of growth, institutionalization, and visibility of DA CDMX, and b) leveraging our strength to ensure we keep the hard-won victories in the House and Senate in 2022.

The election process will be electronic and begins on February 21; we will provide more details soon.  However, we need to know by February 13 if you, as a registered member of DA CDMX, are interested in being considered for any of the positions listed below.

Important note: while the NEC will assemble and recommend a slate, anyone is free to run for any of the leadership roles outside of the slate.  The deadline for such nominations or self-nominations is February 18.

The current DA CDMX Board is proposing modifications to elected positions for the next term.  These will be identified in by-law revisions and submitted for approval by the membership at the AGM, prior to closing the election. 

You can find descriptions for most of the positions at the following link: http://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-0lnK3H4ZAoxZgsFE15HIuhkI5gXdTx7?usp=sharing

If you are interested in a position below, please send us an e-mail and fill out the form at the following link: http://forms.gle/vMiuRRQqDhVVmNYbA

  1. Chair
  2. Vice Chair
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Member at Large (MAL) – Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Chair
  6. MAL – Events Chair
  7. MAL – Fundraising Chair
  8. MAL – Membership Chair
  9. MAL – Social Media Chair
  10. MAL – Community Engagement

The Parliamentarian role will no longer exist; questions about rules and procedures will be directed to the Chair and/or DAMX counsel.

Erik, Heidi, and Gil will be available via email to answer questions. 

Thanks in advance for your interest!

Erik Markeset, Heidi Smith, Gil Anav
[email protected]
[email protected]