Ligia Burkett - Delegate Candidate for Joe Biden

Hi, my name is Ligia Burkett, I am currently residing in Trinidad and Tobago and I am a Finance Delegate for an International Humanitarian Organization, offering humanitarian support to the 13 independent Caribbean Islands. I have worked for over 20 years in the finance field, mostly for non-profits in Phoenix, Arizona. I was elected Vice-Chair for Panama Democrats Abroad in 2016, and I resigned to my position in 2018, when we moved out of Panama to come to Trinidad. More than ever, we know that the land of the brave and free is in danger, under an administration the lacks moral core and the ability to use introspection to reflect on consequences of actions. I am supporting Joe Biden for President, as I believe he is the option that will bring together not only democrats, but independents, and republicans with morals. Let stand to the call, for a better America.