October 29, 2020

5 Days to Go

Ask one friend to send in their back-up ballot today!

We know you've heard it before - so it may feel like Groundhog Day - but it's actually send your back up ballot day today! We're getting down to the wire; any voters who don't have their ballots yet should do a back up ballot (Federal Write In Absentee Ballot/FWAB) today. Check and see if any friend is still waiting for their ballot - they should do the back up ballot today! Here's the link to the form: FWAB. Here's a link to the resources page with fact sheets and how to videos. For voters who have to get their ballot back by November 3, we recommend that you do courier today - there are only 3 business days til Election Day and couriers can take that long. And you may be in luck - you might be able to get a discount - please check here for the details.