January 24, 2022

Race to 222 Update!

It's another election year, and 2022 may hold the most important midterm elections of our lifetime! To make sure that Democrats hold the House and Senate (and maybe pick up some Governorships and Secretaries of State along the way), Democrats Abroad needs to mobilize all of our members, as well as registering new voters!

You can help!

First, go to VoteFromAbroad.org to register to vote and/or request your ballot(s) for 2022.

To make the voter registration process more fun for our members, we have created a "Race to 222" campaign. What does this mean? We are trying to register 222 members by 2/22/2022. As of January 24th, we are almost halfway there!

Already requested your ballot?

THANK YOU! You should be receiving a message from a DACH leader in the coming days with a special "Race to 222" graphic you can add to your social media accounts to help get the word out!

I'm already a registered voter and/or my state always sends my blank ballot; why should I send in the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA)?

Even if you vote in a state that typically sends out a ballot without an annual request, we still urge all overseas voters to send in the form to request a ballot every year to make sure you will be able to vote.

But, if you don’t want to send in the form, it’s still very important that you email or call your Local Election official to verify that you will be getting a ballot this year. Mistakes can happen and states can change their voting rules! Every election, we hear from voters who find out too late that they won’t be able to vote because they missed the deadline to request their ballot.

And a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA), sent in the calendar year of an election, protects your ballot at the federal level in case of a recount.

You can look up the contact information for your Local Election Official here to verify that you will be receiving a ballot this year.

Why do I need to send in the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) to request my ballot every calendar year?

The Federal Post Card Application (FPCA)–which is only one page and can be filled out online here–can be used by overseas voter both to register to vote initially and to request ballots for all elections (primary, general, and special) in a calendar year. Under Federal law–even if you’re already registered to vote–states are only required to send your ballots if you have submitted an FPCA during that calendar year. Some states send ballots without an annual FPCA, but others are very strict–and conditions can change unexpectedly. You don’t want to find out too late that you’ve missed your chance to vote!

Submit your FPCA every year and you won’t miss an election! Although federal elections are scheduled every two years–in even-numbered years–some regular state elections are scheduled in off-years, and special elections to fill vacancies in both federal and state offices can also occur at any time. An FPCA–submitted in the same calendar year before any federal election–also protects your ballot in case of challenge during a recount.