August 04, 2021

Tell Your DPCA Voting Reps What You Think!

At our AGM in March, you elected five Democratic Party Committee Abroad (DPCA) voting representatives (Chair, Vice Chair, and three more) to represent Switzerland to the international committee. We had our first international meeting in May, but not all issues were able to be voted on in the time allotted. Therefore, we are meeting again on Saturday, August 21, and Sunday, August 22.

We will be voting on the following charter amendments and resolutions:

  • Charter Amendment 7: Create DPCA Representation for Non-Country Committee Members
  • Charter Amendment 8: Enable to Formation of Region Committees
  • Resolution 3: In Support of Development of a DA messaging platform for engaging members in Congressional outreach in support of DA issues-advocacy initiatives
  • Resolution 4: In Support of Democrats Abroad Joining the RBT Coalition
  • Resolution 7: On Strengthening Democratic Institutions in the U.S. 
  • Resolution 8: On Polarization of the Electorate
  • Resolution 9: On Central American Immigration in 2021
  • Resolution 13: To Expand the Travel Fund to Include Stipends for Members Interested in Attending DNC, ASDC, and DA Regional Meetings
  • Resolution 14: To Keep the Pershing Hall Collections and the Time Capsule in France
  • Resolution 17: In Support of Reactivation of the Atrocities Prevention Board
  • Resolution 18: To Relieve the Financial and Administrative Burdens of the Present U.S. Tax and Financial Reporting Systems for Americans Outside the U.S., While Ensuring the Ultra-Rich Pay Their Fair Share of Taxes No Matter Where They Reside
  • Resolution 19: Supporting H.R. 2590: Prohibiting Use of U.S. Military Foreign Aid for Detention of Children
  • Resolution 20: To Condition Military Aid to Israel
  • Resolution 22: To Regulate Social Media and Limit Negative and Divisive Effects On Society Around the World
  • Resolution 27: Justice in Law Enforcement

If you are interested in reading the text of any of these proposed amendments or resolutions, asking questions about them, or expressing your opinion, please get in touch with your DPCA voting reps at the email addresses below.

If you are interested in Resolutions 19 and 20 in particular, you can view a petition in support of them here.

DPCA Voting Representatives for DA Switzerland