August 08, 2023

Defending Democracy Abroad: How Democrats Are Making an Impact. EMEA More '24 next October 27-29.

Good Day and Greetings to All members of Democrats Abroad!

Volunteering can have a profound impact on communities of practice, which are groups of people who share a common interest, profession, or passion. Democrats Abroad is the perfect example and representation of a well-defined Community of Practice (CoP). DA is a synergic TEAM with endless possibilities, who has been placing a stronghold in  "the Power of Mobilization" for the last two decades, a preen concept to consider.

EMEA More in '24 next October 27-29 is an opportunity to meet other leaders and super-volunteers from across the region, share and build our organizational knowledge, and empower ourselves to create a blue wave from abroad in November 2024. (Democrats Abroad EMEA Jennifer Krakow-Stepper)

Here are ten fundamental ways in which volunteering can impact the regional and global communities of Democrats Abroad EMEA:

  1. Knowledge Sharing: Volunteers often bring unique skills and expertise to the community, contributing to a diverse knowledge base that benefits all members.
  1. Skill Development: Volunteering provides opportunities for members to develop new skills and hone existing ones, which can enhance their contributions to the community and beyond.
  1. Networking: Volunteering allows individuals to connect with like-minded peers, expanding their professional network and creating opportunities for collaboration.
  1. Community Building: Volunteers help build a sense of belonging and camaraderie within the community, fostering stronger connections among members.
  1. Resource Enhancement: Volunteers can contribute resources such as time, funding, or materials, which can lead to improved community events, projects, and initiatives.
  1. Leadership Development: Through volunteering, individuals can take on leadership roles, gaining valuable experience in organizing, managing, and guiding community activities.
  1. Innovation and Creativity: Volunteers often bring fresh perspectives and ideas, sparking innovation within the community and pushing boundaries of traditional practices.
  1. Problem Solving: Volunteers collectively address challenges and issues faced by the community, leading to the development of effective solutions through collaborative efforts.
  1. Advocacy and Awareness: Volunteers can advocate for the community's interests and raise awareness about important topics, helping the community gain recognition and support.
  1. Continuous Improvement: Volunteering encourages continuous learning and improvement within the community, fostering an environment of growth and adaptability.

Volunteering is a great way to make good use of your free time, which in term provides us with a great feeling of  self accomplishment, is an opportunity to either put your expert skills into practice or learning new skills, or provide supportive Leadership skills for a stronger  TEAM building.

In summary, volunteering is a crucial catalyst for the positive development of our communities of practice, nurturing a culture of collaboration, learning, and shared progress.

During the EMEA MORE in '24 retreat, the important goals for the upcoming elections are: 

  • Lay the groundwork with organizational guideposts for the elections.
  • Empower volunteers with trainings and best practices.
  • Learn to engage never before reached voters.
  • Define concrete take-aways for country committee leaders to build upon.
  • Prepare for running the Global Presidential Primary.

We are inviting All Madrid members who are willing to help out during Election year, to register for the event which has been posted in the EMEA website!


Lucia J. Perez Crespo-Hernansaiz

DA Madrid Chapter Chair