April 26, 2021

Democrats Abroad Thailand Covid-19 Task Force Takes up the Call for Vaccines

As Thailand experiences increasing numbers of Covid infections and deaths as part of the “Third Wave,” we at Democrats Abroad Thailand are concerned about the effect on Americans living here, as we still have limited access (if at all) to vaccines.

DAT has formed a COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force, with the goal of urging and assisting the US government to fulfill its pledge of making coronavirus vaccines available to all Americans -- including the tens of thousands of U.S. citizens living in Thailand. The Task Force has held regular weekly Zoom meetings and has engaged in productive exchanges with the acting US Ambassador and the US Consul General. Most importantly, we would like to determine whether U.S. citizens and their immediate families residing in Thailand want access to US-approved vaccines if provided by the U.S. government, and if so, what we can do to help to make the “shot in the arm” a reality for U.S. citizens who want to be vaccinated here.

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Accordingly, please take 3 minutes to read and complete the Democrats Abroad Thailand COVID-19 Vaccine Survey.  This will help us understand your needs and concerns, and offer a quantitative assessment to assist us in advocating for the US State Department to make access to vaccines possible.

The survey is in the form of a Google Doc and thus can be shared with other Americans living in Thailand – in fact, we encourage you to pass the survey link on to all your American friends and acquaintances! We will update DAT members with the overall survey results in due course.

The Task Force currently includes eight volunteers -- members of the DAT Executive Committee, healthcare professionals, and members living in Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Bangkok. We value your interests and insights and we also seek the input of other American organizations and communities in Thailand; feel free to contact us to get involved. In the meantime, please remain safe from the very real threat of COVID-19.