Dump Trump Challenge

Many thanks and congratulations to the Super Duper Dump Trumpers! Here are the seven who reported that they did EVERYTHING on the list. Great job everyone!! 

Alexandra Bottemanne
Maura Ruskin
David White
Noemi White
Edward Day
Sam Rifai
Ray Franklin


Ok, now it’s official: Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for President.  If you watched Trump's shamelessly unreal acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention last night, you may be dazed and bewildered from being screamed at for more than an hour about the (wholly imaginary) Dystopian States of America. It's been a week of divisiveness, bigotry, crudity projecting a vision of an uglier and crueler America.  The only redeeming words spoken were when Melania Trump quoted our wonderful First Lady Michelle Obama – without attribution.

But we can’t sit around fretting about the fate of the nation - and the world - under a Trump presidency. As a party we are busy taking our campaign into communities across the country and  around the world. In the coming weeks, we’ll have more to say about OUR nominee and HER vision for a better America – and the many other wonderful Democratic candidates running for office across the country.  

But for now we invite you to purge the venom and take the ONE WEEK DUMP TRUMP CHALLENGE.

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Hillary Clinton Wishes Americans Abroad a Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!

Democrats Abroad at the 2016 Convention

Below is an online press kit divided into three sections

  • Media requests

  • The organisation

  • The convention

If you are a member of the media, and have any further questions, you can contact us at press@democratsabroad.org.

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Humans of DA -- Meet Laurie Gayle, Humanitarian Relief Worker

Democrats Abroad speaks with Laurie Gayle, Humanitarian Officer and Deputy Chair of Communications for Social Media about her experience of the refugee crisis, life in Scotland, and why she’s involved with Democrats Abroad.

lg1.pngTen years ago and after stints living in England and Ireland, native Texan Laurie Gayle settled in Edinburgh, Scotland, and felt immediately at home. “My grandfather was born here,” Laurie explains. “I’m a proud Texan and there is something that aligns between the strong identities that both Texans and Scots have.  And of course, we both love fried food, live music and the bottle of whisky isn’t that far away.”

Laurie, who currently directs DA’s Facebook and Twitter channels as Deputy Director of Communications – Social Media, was prompted to join Democrats Abroad when a call to action was published on Facebook to recruit an entire new Chapter Committee in Scotland.  “The only way to run for a leadership position in Democrats Abroad is to become a member,” she recalls. “It only takes two minutes to join, so I did and shortly after I was elected Chair of the Scottish Chapter of Democrats Abroad.”

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Democrats Abroad Stands with Orlando

Around the world, our hearts go out to the people of Orlando. Our votes go out to U.S. leaders who support gun control. 

FATCA : A Banking Burden Abroad

For most people, a bank account close to home is a fact of life. Sarah, an American researcher living in Canada, had thought little of how this right could come under fire until the Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) went into effect. She now faces the anxiety of invasive monitoring of the account she shares with her British husband and worries about how she can save for her future. FATCA, a law intended to target those who evade taxes by stashing untaxed earnings in foreign banks, unjustly hurts normal Americans abroad—whose only crime is having a bank account in their country of residence.

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Humans of DA -- Meet Gary Suwannarat, Outgoing DNC Member

Democrats Abroad is truly an international organization. Active members who keep it alive, like DNC member Gary Suwannarat, work tirelessly because they recognize the wide-reaching impact of US policies and understand the power of each and every vote.


(Gary Suwannarat, all the way on the left, is joined by fellow DNC members Caitlin Craft-Buchman and John Eastwood, and International Chair Katie Solon, reminding Americans overseas to Vote From Abroad)

Raised by active FDR-style liberal Democrats in a Republican-dominated Colorado district, Gary jokes that her political involvement is likely a “genetic inheritance.” Her appetite for affecting change led her to work in international development throughout southeast Asia, landing her in Thailand where she helped to revive a Democrats Abroad branch in 2003.  Now retired, she has represented our organization within the Democratic National Committee since 2012.

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A LOOK BACK : The DA Global Convention in Berlin

The Democrats Abroad Global Convention in Berlin came to a successful close on Sunday after a long and action-packed weekend.

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UPDATE: Results from the DA Global Convention

Our congratulations to all the delegates elected this weekend at the Democrats Abroad regional caucuses and Global Convention! 

At-large Delegates

Ed Ungar, Canada (Bernie Sanders)
Giles Hogya, Canada (Hillary Clinton)

Asia Pacific
Alexander Gonzalez, Japan (Bernie Sanders)
Carmelan Polce, Singapore (Hillary Clinton)

Larry Sanders, UK (Bernie Sanders)
Penny Schantz, France (Bernie Sanders)
Ryan Turner, Spain (Bernie Sanders)
Reno Domenico, Ukraine (Hillary Clinton)
Salli Anne Swartz, France (Hillary Clinton)

Kari Mosleh, UK (Bernie Sanders)
Bob Vallier, France (Bernie Sanders)
Sarah Tseng, Canada (Bernie Sanders) 

PLEO delegate
Julia Bryan, Czech Republic (Bernie Sanders)

Solomon Steen, China (Bernie Sanders)
Shari Temple, Germany (Hillary Clinton)

DNC Members elect
Connie Borde, EMEA
Ken Sherman, Americas 
John Eastwood, Asia Pacific
Martha McDevitt-Pugh, Global
Orlando E. Vidal, Global
Adrianne George, Global 


We're also pleased to announce the following additions to the delegation

Delegation Chair

Kathryn Solon, Germany

Standing Committee Members

Credentials – Eric Lee
Platform – Joe Smallhoover
Rules – Karen Olson


Amanda Mohar, Hong Kong
Jacob Alt, Russia
Jeffrey Cheng, Sweden
Josh van der  Ploeg, UK




UPDATE : News from #Berlin2016

The first day of the Democrats Abroad Global Convention got off to an exciting start !  It began early when the Credentials Committee met to hear a challenge made by the Hillary Clinton campaign about the allocation of global delegates.   

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