Blue Vote Cafe Podcast Picks - August

The summer is heating up and our August comms is too! 

Listen in on interviews from our Blue Vote Cafe podcast team of Rachel Eugster and David Shellenberg as they talk with a Wisconsin Supreme Court judge, the leaders of Ambassadors for Biden, and a voter mobilization leader and advocate!  

JJ Karofsky discusses her successful election to the Wisconsin Supreme Court in April 2020
What was it like to be elected to the Wisconsin Supreme Court during a pandemic--and how did Justice Jill J. Karofsky launch her 10-year term with a run? What led her to public service, and why did she change her middle name? What measures can the courts take to help jurors?  What is the National Mustard Museum, and what does it have to do with Wisconsin's newest Supreme Court Justice? Our podcasters sit down to chat with Justice Karofsky about all of this and more.  

Insights into Joe Biden from former U.S. Ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman and Vicki Heyman

The Heymans share stories about Joe Biden with our team, and talk about the campaign’s focus on getting out the American vote from around the world. They speak of Biden’s “secret sauce”—the leadership skills that make him particularly suited to this moment—and about how the deal he made with President Obama when accepting the vice presidency uniquely prepares him for the presidency. 

Learn about the importance of every vote, of hustling hard to preserve what we love, of what supporters of other candidates can look for from a Biden presidency, and of flipping Me to We. 

Interview with Nse Ufot from The New Georgia Project
Nse Ufot joined our podcasters to talk about her work as Executive Director of The New Georgia Project (a non-partisan effort to register and civically engage Georgians), and how it had its roots in a conversation that began in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We talk about voter suppression, Georgia's place in a rapidly transforming population, the critical importance of every vote in every election, the gospel choir theory of organizing, and Nse's time as a member of Democrats Abroad. With a side of ice cream and a lot of laughter.