The Democratic Primary Goes Global ! VOTE NOW !

Iowa has voted ... New Hampshire has had its say ...  

Now it's YOUR turn to decide!

Vote in the Democrats Abroad Global Primary! 

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Special Information for NEVADA Voters Abroad: You can vote in the NV Tele-Caucus or the DA Global Presidential Primary

For the first time ever, Nevadan Military and Overseas Voters will have a choice of voting in either Democrats Abroad's Global Presidential Primary or remotely participating in Nevada Democratic Caucus.  


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Global Presidential Primary FAQ





Q:  Am I eligible to vote in the Democrats Abroad Global Primary?

A:  Any American living abroad, who will be at least 18 years old on Election Day 2016, and who is a member of Democrats Abroad is eligible to participate, on the condition of not having voted (or intending to vote) for a presidential candidate in any other state primary in 2016.


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Tom Fina's Letter from Washington

To Democrats Abroad
26 December  2015
Tom Fina
Executive Director Emeritus
The year closes, and the new year approaches,  both with a surprising mix of good and bad political news.
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Welcome to the new Dems Abroad Website

Here at Democrats Abroad, we're excited to share our most recent project - the creation of a new website and membership system for U.S. Democrats all around the world. Explore the site to find news stories that are both global and also local to your country. Check out events near you. Shop in our store and pick up a calendar for next year, and read up on some of the issues that DA is working on today, for you and for all U.S. Democrats living abroad. 

FATCA Update: October - December 2015

After an action packed September full of results and news, our FATCA work has continued apace. The results are not as evident in this last quarter as they were in September, but we continue working to generate Senate support for "Same Country Safe Harbor", details below.

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Democratic Candidate Focus: Hillary Clinton

An important figure in American politics for over 20 years, Hillary Clinton arrived on the political scene in 1992 alongside her husband, former President Bill Clinton, then governor of Arkansas, with the promise of becoming a forceful partner in his administration.


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Democratic Candidate Focus: Bernie Sanders

The Vermont senator calls himself a Democratic Socialist, and many of his views match those of the Democratic left, where he has found a still small yet devout following. Sanders says his purpose in running is to fight planned trade deals such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and to overhaul business tax rules, thus fighting economic inequality.

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Democratic Candidate Focus: Martin O'Malley


Advocate for financial reform and gun control Martin O'Malley, former governor of Maryland, announced his candidacy for President on May 30 in Baltimore. 

Born January 18, 1963 in Washington, D.C. and raised in Bethesda and Rockville, Maryland, O’Malley graduated from The Catholic University of America and earned a doctorate in law from the University of Maryland.

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FATCA Update: September 2015

As those following FATCA would expect, a great deal has happened this month – and it is not over yet.  This is due largely to (what we were treating as – see below!) the looming September 30 2015 deadline for the first transfer of the financial account information of US Persons to the IRS under the terms of the FATCA legislation, regulation and intergovernmental agreements.

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