February 13, 2016

Special Information for NEVADA Voters Abroad: You can vote in the NV Tele-Caucus or the DA Global Presidential Primary

For the first time ever, Nevadan Military and Overseas Voters will have a choice of voting in either Democrats Abroad's Global Presidential Primary or remotely participating in Nevada Democratic Caucus.  


You can find more details from the Nevada Democratic Party here.  Democrats Abroad congratulates the Nevada Democratic Party for its innovative efforts to include overseas Nevadans in its caucus process!


Democrats Abroad (DA) also offer opportunities for U.S. overseas voters to help choose the Democratic presidential nominee.  We are conducting our 2016 Global Presidential Primary (GPP) now.  Ballots can be cast in the GPP by email, fax or postal mail or in-person.  Remote voting began on January 11 and will end March 8.  In-person voting at 127 Voting Centers in more than 40 countries around the world starts on Super Tuesday March 1 and ends March 8. 


As an Nevada voter, you have a choice this year –- to participate in the Nevada Tele-Caucus February 20   –  or  –  in the DA Global Presidential Primary from now until March 8.  You cannot vote in both. 


We urge all U.S. Democrats living overseas to vote in the DA Global Presidential Primary because we believe that Democrats Abroad is uniquely cognizant of and responsive to the concerns of overseas citizens; we want to demonstrate the numbers and diversity of U.S. voters living outside the U.S.;  and we want each country group in DA to achieve its fullest representation.  



Photo of Red Rock Canyon by N i c o l a