September 08, 2016

Change in DAB's Leadership

Dear DAB Members,

I recently learned that I must return to Washington DC soon, so I am resigning my position as Chair, effective immediately.  Vice-Chair Pauline Manos will now become Chair for the remainder of my term, and former Chair Jeffrey Edison will become Vice-Chair.  Pauline has done an amazing job as Vice-Chair, and I know that she will be a terrific Chair.  Please join me in thanking Pauline and Jeffrey for leading us at this critical time!

I also want to thank all of you for your support and contributions during my tenure as Chair. In a short amount of time, we have built DAB membership to a record level, informed the community about our candidates, and prepared for the general election.  The hard work and activism of the DAB community is exceptional – I know, because I have lead two other country committees and worked with many others.  You are great Democrats, and we greatly appreciate all that you do to help our party and our candidates.

In my remaining weeks here in Brussels, Pauline has asked me to stay on the Executive Committee in an ex officio role to help coordinate fundraising.  In that regard, I am pleased to announce that I will be co-hosting a fundraiser for the Clinton campaign here in Brussels on October 3, with special guest Ambassador Stephen Rapp, who led the Office of War Crimes for the Obama Administration.  It is a special honor to welcome a fellow Iowan and leading voice for human rights as a representative of the Clinton campaign.  Learn more about Ambassador Rapp here:

Contributions start at $150 (Friend), or you can co-host the reception for $500.  There will also be a private dinner with Ambassador Rapp after the reception for those donating $1000 or more, and anyone donating $2700 will be invited to join the Finance Committee Abroad.  Donate at, and we will be in touch with the venue location.

If you have any questions, please contact Nigel Habben at [email protected].

I hope you all have had a nice summer break and that you are ready to help pitch in and elect Democrats in 2016!  If you haven’t requested your ballot yet, please go to and do so now!


Mike Michener