Pledge to Reg(ister) to Vote

What is it?  

Your vote is your voice!  Unlike our compatriots back in the US, however, overseas voters need to register to vote every election year.  That means, voters abroad need to send in their registration after January 1, 2020 in order to vote in the 2020 elections.

Registering to vote is not always top of mind.  If you want a little nudge, Pledge to Reg is right for you. The Pledge to Reg website has been created to assist voters who live abroad to be sure that they register to vote in the critical 2020 elections! It is a non-partisan voter education tool created by Democrats Abroad France as a community service for US citizens living overseas. Using Pledge to Reg allows you to sign up and agree to be contacted (via email, phone call or text message) to help you register to vote in 2020. The web site is hosted in the United States but has been  created and is maintained by American volunteers living in Europe.

Have friends that might need a little reminder? Do you know a student who will be 18 by November 3, 2020? How about someone studying abroad who will live overseas during the 2020 elections? You can share the link to the website with them! Friend to friend referrals work better than any other way to get the word out about voting.  So, consider this an easy way to get out the vote in 2020!

Who should sign up for Pledge to Reg?

Anyone who wants to be sure to receive reminders about when and how to vote from abroad, especially Americans living overseas who are not already members of Democrats Abroad. Anyone is welcome to sign up; the information you will receive about when and how to vote from abroad is non-partisan.

How to participate

U.S. citizens living abroad must request a ballot every election year. We make registering and requesting your ballot—and voting—easy. 

  1. Go to
  2. Fill out the short, simple form on the website, and let us know how you wish to be contacted: via email, telephone, or SMS.

You can expect 2-3 timely election reminders from us in 2020: to remind you to register to vote, to request a ballot for your home state (where you vote), and to return it before your state’s registration and voting deadlines.

Vote and make your voice heard. We'll always be available to answer questions you may have about requesting your ballot, returning your ballot, and making sure your vote was counted.

Useful tips

Can I opt out of being contacted?

Yes. Pledge to Reg takes only the information you provide and stores it in an encrypted, secure database, accessing the data only to contact you when the time comes to exercise your civic duty. Data is kept in US servers, where the website is hosted. We follow GDPR guidelines, and your data is not shared with any third parties. For more information, you can read our privacy policy.

I’m already a member of Democrats Abroad. Should I sign up here?

Pledge to Reg data is separate from Democrats Abroad membership data, and is not cross-checked. If you are a member of Democrats Abroad, and you also sign up for Pledge to Reg, you are likely to be contacted by volunteers from both.

What does it cost?


Have you used Pledge to Reg? What was your experience like? We are interested in your suggestions, other information, and advice. Let us know!