September 14, 2020

September News: Mid-Autumn Festival, Voting, and You

We are just 50 days until the election. Ballot day, the day when absentee ballots will be sent out, is this coming Saturday, September 19th. When you receive your ballot, please complete it as soon as possible and return it in September. This is especially true for those states that require you to return your ballot by postal mail.

If you have not requested your absentee ballot yet, you still can and should do so now at Make sure you remind friends and family, both overseas and back in the U.S. if they have done the same. We even have a helpful FAQ available to answer common voting questions.

If you have questions or issues with requesting a ballot, please attend our LIVE 1-on-1 Global voter registration assistance all day every Sunday and now on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-4pm EDT (6-10pm CEST). Or email [email protected] with your issues and questions.

Message from Co-chairs about Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival, or Autumn Moon Festival, is celebrated in different ways across many Asian cultures. Food, lanterns, and family are often the center of the traditional celebrations. This year, the festival falls on October 1. Those of us living overseas may not be able to be with family, so we invite you to come celebrate with us virtually on Zoom!

Friday, October 2, 2020
8pm Seoul / 1pm Berlin / 7am Washington DC
RSVP here for the Zoom link

AAPI and You - Survey

Help us develop the AAPI Caucus by letting us know what types of events they would like to attend and what issues they would want us to address. This caucus is your caucus, so we want to know what you think! We’ve put together a short survey and would appreciate it if you could fill it out.

New AAPI caucuses in China & South Korea

We want to welcome our newest AAPI country caucuses in China and South Korea. Both groups already have events in the works, which are open to all members of Democrats Abroad. Read more about them here and how you can get involved. If you’re interested in creating an AAPI caucus in your country, please check out our guide to forming a local caucus.

Looking for AAPI DACA recipients

In cooperation with the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus, we are working on organizing an event about the future of DACA and what this election’s implications could be for the hundreds of thousands of DACA recipients. We are currently looking from someone who can either share their experience as a DACA recipient from the Asian and Pacific Islander community. If you know someone that would be interested in speaking and sharing their story, please get in touch by emailing [email protected].

Introducing the Issues Page

A challenge for the AAPI community is creating a voice that is both singular and diverse. We recently published an Issues page on the website. We hope this will be the launching point for our news posts, commentary, and events. Here’s a short introduction to our efforts. This page is a work in progress: we’ll continue to adapt and add to this, especially in response to what our members — like you — want to see!

Meet the AAPI Caucus Steering Committee

Nicholas Gordon, AAPI Caucus Steering Committee member; Youth Caucus Steering Committee; Asia-Pacific Regional Deputy; Chair, DA Hong Kong

Nick Gordon joined Democrats Abroad in 2016 after voting in the Global Presidential Primary; since then, he’s become Chair of Democrats Abroad Hong Kong, is one of the founding members of our caucus, a member of the Youth Caucus Steering Committee, and one of the Deputies for the Asia-Pacific Region. But Nick’s been a Democrat Abroad from birth, just being a few months shy of being able to vote for Obama while attending high school in Hong Kong in 2008.

Annie Tanampai, AAPI Caucus Steering Committee member; Democrats Abroad Belgium member

Annie Tanampai is an active member of Democrats Abroad Belgium. She has been living in Belgium for almost 10 years and in her free time she likes to spend time with her family, hiking, and traveling. She joins the AAPI steering committee because she wants to take action in raising awareness on the AAPI issues and help strengthen the AAPI community around the world. 😊

Click here to read more about our AAPI Steering Committee Members!

The AAPI Caucus is one of Democrats Abroad’s eight global caucuses. Check out the global caucuses page at to see what we have and feel free to join as many as you’d like. Each one is a group with a focus on issues and lots of activities.

Democratically Yours,

Emily and Cory

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