November 04, 2018

Still Time to Drive Midterms Victory!

It’s not too late to make a difference. See below and act NOW! Thanks to ex-Ambassador to Switzerland and Democratic activists Suzi and Eric LeVine for much of this content:

Key Metrics:

  • Midterms – we know we can win because we have been winning since Trump was elected:
    • Since Donald Trump was elected, Democrats have flipped 43 state legislative seats. In addition, Democrats have flipped one governor’s seat by electing Phil Murphy, one House seat by electing Conor Lamb, and one Senate seat by electing Doug Jones.
  • House of Representatives – it’s within our reach
    • Democrats need to flip 23 seats to win back the House in November.
    • There are 25 districts that Hillary Clinton won that are currently held by Republicans.
    • There are 119 Republican-held districts that are more competitive than the district Conor Lamb won in March.
    • Republicans are defending 42 open or vacant seats, a record since at least 1930.
  • Senate – this is going to be harder, but is still possible to win or tie
    • There are 35 Senate seats up for election in 2018.
      • 24 Democratic
      • 9 Republican
      • 2 Independent
  • Governors – this will be where we believe we will make the most gains
    • There are 36 Governors races in 2018, including 26 currently held by Republicans.
    • Of the 36 Governorships, 25 of them will have veto or approval power over the district lines in the 2021 redistricting process.
  • State Legislature - here, too, we have tremendous opportunity
    • We are 17 seats away from flipping 8 chambers:
      • 1 seat away from flipping key chambers: Colorado, Maine, Minnesota and New York state Senates.
      • 2 seats away from flipping the Wisconsin state Senate.
      • 3 seats away from flipping the Arizona and New Hampshire state Senates.
      • 5 seats away from flipping the Florida state Senate.
    • Approx. 322 State senate seats will be elected this November that will have a role in redistricting in 2021.

Key Actions:

  1. Vote: As an overseas voter you can still register and vote in 12 states on Monday, and 7 on Tuesday! Here’s the list and steps to take
  2. Track your ballot: Go HERE, select your state, and click on Where Is My Ballot for the tool to use.
  3. Phone-bank: If you’ve phoned for DA and have your CallHub log-in, don’t stop now! The Asia campaign still has 1000+ members to call.
  4. Knock on doors if you’re in the U.S.
  5. Donate if you can’t knock on doors or phone-bank. Help Democrats Abroad's 2018 voter outreach campaigns which are having great success.  Here are the ones Eric and Suzi LeVine recommend as the most impactful and who are distributing the funds really strategically for the short and long term: The DNC, the NDRC and the DLCC to get people elected from School Board to Oval Office and in every zip code and to get our nation back to a representative democracy.