October 27, 2020

अमेरिका का नेता कैसा हो, जो बायडन जैसा हो! Biden campaign reaches out in 14 Indian languages



Indian Americans constitute nearly 4.8 million (1.2%) of the total US population and play a vital role in the electoral process - specifically, in some of the key purple states, including Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. With the presidential election fast approaching and Kamala Harris’ historic nomination as the vice presidential candidate, the Biden campaign has turned its focus on this key voter demographic.

In 2016, according to a National Asian American Survey, 77% of Indian Americans voted for Hillary Clinton. This was a decrease from the close to full support for Barack Obama in his years running for president.

The Biden campaign is reaching out to all the segments of the diverse Indian American community and connecting with them in 14 regional Indian languages. Their chosen slogan reads: "America Ka Neta Kaisa Ho, Jo Biden Jaisa Ho" (America's leader needs to be like Biden).

The fact that the Biden campaign is not taking any voters for granted and has opted for this unique way to reach out to every American shows they listen, care, are connected and truly work for the people. Biden believes that the immigration of people from every culture and nation to the USA strengthens and unites our country.

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