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We are the official arm of Democrats Abroad in incredible India. Our goal is to inform and encourage every American citizen in India to register and vote in US elections and play a role in the political process back home in the United States. We invite you to visit our website and join us across the country as we work to regain the Congress and win the White House. We will assist you with registering to vote and keep you informed on the issues that impact Americans living abroad. We have several chapters across India and we are growing all the time. Visit our site often and no matter where you call home in India, welcome, you are home……

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DA India Leadership:

Suma Shamanna
| Chair, DA India; Global IT Team; Global AAPI Caucus Steering Committee
Aubrey Mullerworth
| Vice Chair, DA India
Indira Viswanathan
| Secretary, DA India
Muneesh Nagpal
| Treasurer, DA India
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    Call for Nominations: DA Asia Pacific RVC

    Call for Nominations:
    Democrats Abroad Regional Vice Chair Asia Pacific

    We are now accepting nominations for the bi-annual election of Regional Vice Chair (RVC) for the Asia Pacific (AP) region! This election will take place during the AP Regional Meeting on the 16th of May as part of the Democrats Abroad Global Meeting. One vote is allocated to each AP country committee and will be cast solely by country committee chairs and vice chairs. The chair and vice chair each carry ½ vote. If either is not present, the other will carry the full vote.

    Democrats Abroad has three RVCs, one for each region, who:

    • Are elected to a two year term that begins and ends with the regional election.
    • Cannot serve more than two consecutive terms.
    • Serve as one of 8 voting members of the International Executive Committee. Meetings are currently held weekly and typically last from two to three hours, but this is subject to change with the new leadership. 
    • Organize and lead monthly regional calls of about one to two hours to encourage, inform, and create a sense of community among regional country committees. 
    • Organize and lead a one to three day annual regional meeting to encourage, inform, and create a sense of community among regional country committees. When practical, these annual meetings are held as in-person events with remote participation available. 
    • Act as a liaison between the International Executive Committee and one or more of the Democrats Abroad committees, lending a hand to the committee chair and assuming chair responsibilities should that position not be filled.
    • Assist in organizing and attend the annual Democrats Abroad Global Meeting, preferably in person when conditions allow. Note that travel costs are the responsibility of the RVC.
    • Work with existing country committees to mediate and resolve issues within their committees including election issues, membership queries, etc. 
    • Track compliance status of country committees with Charter requirements and work with emerging and out-of-compliance countries to help bring them into compliance.
    • Communicate International Executive Committee decisions, policies, and Democrats Abroad best practices to the country committee leaders.
    • Bring regional issues to the International Executive Committee for discussion and resolution.

    The eligibility requirements for AP RVC are as follows: 

    • Be a citizen of the United States. 
    • Be a member of Democrats Abroad residing within a country in the Asia Pacific region.
    • Adhere to the principles of the Democratic Party of the United States.
    • Due to the extenuating circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, residents of the AP region who are temporarily residing outside of their country of residence due to the pandemic may still run for AP RVC (example: resident of Singapore who is temporarily residing in France due to quarantines and travel restrictions). There must be an intent to return to the AP region following the lift of travel restrictions.

    Self-nominations and nominations of others are both welcomed and encouraged! Please submit any nominations via the nomination form at this link no later than 23 March 11:59 PM EDT (UTC-4). Each nominee is required to accept their nomination no later than 31 March 11:59 PM EDT (UTC-4). Nominations from the floor of the election meeting will be accepted as well, and all official candidates will be given time to make a short speech.

    A list of candidates will be released on 1 April following the nomination acceptance deadline. 

    Please direct any questions to [email protected].

    On behalf of the 2021 AP Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC),

    Anthony Nitz (Vietnam, Chair)
    Christine Valverde (New Zealand)
    Michael Ramos (Australia)
    Phong Quan (Singapore)

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    Democracy Has Prevailed


    For there is always light,

    if only we're brave enough to see it

    If only we're brave enough to be it

    • Amanda Gordon, Inauguration Ceremony



    On 20th January, President Joseph R. Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were sworn into office from the west side of the Capitol building, and with this, a new era for America was born. This historic day shall also stand the test of time as Kamala Harris is now the first Vice President of our great country. 

    In his inauguration, President Biden spoke about not just about the issues that our country currently faces including systematic racism and a global pandemic but the hope and vision for the next four years.  This administration is extremely determined to bring stability and normalcy to the citizens of America. They aim to tackle many issues simultaneously including healthcare, immigration, unemployment and climate change to name a few. 

    As the inauguration ceremony went on live, people watching at home got to see a few familiar faces of celebrities and artists. From Lady Gaga to Garth Brooks, many artists performed after the President was sworn into office. However, one performer stood out from among the rest, Ms. Amanda Gordon.  She is the nation’s current poet laureate and the youngest one in America’s history.  Her performance of her poem was riveting, emotional and full hope. Ms. Gordon reiterated much of President Biden’s speech, a country that is currently suffering but can and will fight for a bright and better future. 

    Throughout the day, the President and Vice President participated in a plethora of events from visiting Arlington Cemetery to the traditional Pass-in Review with the military.  As the day went on, this inauguration deterred traditional events and introduced for the first time a Prime Time Special called, ‘Celebrating America’. This 90-minute special hosted by veteran actor, Tom Hanks aims as the name says to celebrate the rich diversity and talent of people from across the country. The special which could be watched live by people at home also included performances from different genres and states.  Bon Jovi, Foo Fighters, Demi Lovato and John Legend are just a few of the talented artists that performed.  The special also had remarks from the President, the Vice President and the First Lady. 

    Thus, this historic day represents a new dawn for our country and is just one step of many to a better tomorrow.

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    Upcoming Events

    Friday, March 03, 2023 at 12:00 AM through March 31, 2023 Eastern Time (US & Canada)

    ERA Call to Action - Cake time

    The Equal Rights Amendment was first introduced
    in Congress in 1923 - 100 years ago!

    To commemorate that, Democrats Abroad is joining women across the U.S.
    holding birthday parties 
    in March – many on March 22
    the date in 1972 that Congress submitted the ERA to the states for ratification.

    Despite that we’ve met all the constitutional requirements, the ERA has not been published.

    The goal is to raise awareness that the ERA is still not officially in the US Constitution.

    So have a little party with a birthday cake or cupcakes in recognition that we are still waiting for the Equal Rights Amendment to be added to the US Constitution.  This can be a small gathering in you home, a large gathering, or simply part of an already planned meeting or event.   Take lots of photos and post on social media with hashtag #ERA100.
    Please share these flyers at the birthday party and with your family and friends:

    Equal Means Equal has created a "cookbook" of ideas and graphics for groups to leverage. Click here to access.

    For more details on the ERA 100th birthday party, listen to Shari Temple’s appearance on the DA Blue Cafe podcast. 

    Tuesday, March 21, 2023 at 07:00 AM Eastern Time (US & Canada) · 5 rsvps

    PUT YOUR $ WHERE YOUR ♥ IS – “Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj” Screening (AP Friendly Time)

    Picture of Hasan Minhaj with event name and time

    This Hasan Minhaj episode has perhaps never been more relevant as discussions about student loan forgiveness plans in the U.S. continue. Join us as we watch the episode and discuss our opinions on one of the most important issues affecting young voters!

    When you RSVP you will receive an email with the link to join on Zoom.


    March 21, 2023 at 8:00pm – 10:30pm Tokyo Time


    Online via Zoom (RSVP for details)