Georgia January runoff elections for two Senate seats that will decide control of the Senate.

Calling all Georgia voters!! 

  • Didn’t register this year? Take action now. Registration deadline is Dec 7.
    • Even if you didn’t vote this year. Even if you turn 18 Jan 5. Even if your last GA residence is now a commercial zone. Email your registration in asap, don’t wait.

More clarifications

  • Voters who requested their ballot this year don't have to re-request it unless they want to change how they receive their ballot (for example, to change to receive the ballot by email).
  • GA voters can use an FWAB now. Details on how to vote it correctly for two US senate races are on the way.  
  • Voters can use express courier to send their ballots back by Jan 5.
  • The USPS is expected to be massively overloaded in Dec due to the holidays, limited airline services, and fewer people hand delivering packages. We suggest voters use postal mail in Nov, express courier in December.