September 01, 2020

Three simple steps you can take to protect your vote

As we come closer to the Nov elections, there are still many countries without international postal service due to the Covid pandemic and the USPS is being compromised and undermined in order to deter vote by mail.

In the face of this we are having to take extra care, diligence and determination to ensure that our voted ballots arrive at our local elections office on time to be counted for the Nov elections.

Here are three things that you can do to help make sure your ballot is received on time and counted:

  1. If you voted in the primary, please contact your local elections office to find out if your voted primary ballot was both received and accepted (by ‘accepted’ we mean counted). Knowing this means that if for any reason your primary ballot was NOT accepted, you have the opportunity to correct the issue before the presidential election. Some states may allow you to check the accepted status of your ballot via the resources at the bottom of the state pages, for others you may have to contact your elections office directly.

    If your ballot was rejected please give detail of this in the survey form and also include contact details if you require support in resolving any voter issues ahead of the Nov elections.

  2. If you think there could be any reason for a signature mismatch with your voted ballot (change in marital status for example), please check with your local elections office before you complete your ballot.

  3. If you vote in a state that requires ballot return by mail, please vote NOW using the Backup Ballot (FWAB), in order to get a headstart on the postal delivery. You can also mail in the official ballot which should arrive on Sept 19. If both ballots arrive by the deadline, only your official ballot will be counted; the Backup Ballot will be discarded.

Many thanks and happy voting!

DA Voter Protection
Democrats Abroad
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