October 29, 2021

School Voter Registration Team

We are putting together a team willing to visit international schools and universities around Switzerland from February to May 2022 for the purpose of providing voter registration assistance.

Each visit would require a standing team of 2 to 3 DACH members from a pool of 5 or 6 members so that members could alternate visits. Team members will be required to take a registration training course which will be offered in January 2022.

Vivien Beetle and Joe Amato will be leading this project. We are looking for four more volunteers who have some flexibility in their weekly schedules.

We have designated the following schools as having a large enough American community to warrant a visit, and for which we would offer our help to the entire community (students, teachers and parents):

  • International School of Lausanne
  • International School of Geneva – La Grande Boissiere
  • Leysin American School
  • Zurich International School
  • International School of Zug & Luzern
  • College Du Leman Sarl
  • International School Bern
  • International School Basel
  • TASIS Lugano

We also ask our fellow DACH members if they have a contact for the Parent Associations from any of these schools. 

Additionally, if you are aware of an international school with a fair number of Americans that is not on the list, please contact Joe Amato at [email protected].