August 2023 Poem

Poetry in large letters surrounded by books and a typewriter


My Only Goal

By David Rose, Friday, April 14, 2017

Survived the war without a gun
Now back home I carry one
It's sad I have to live this way
My homeland in the U.S.A.


Today the threat is from within
This type of war is hard to win
We don't know friend from foe
I'd rather be a GI Joe


Panama looks good to me
Like many countries oversea
Well, with the exception of Seoul
A long way from home is my only goal

From a collection of original poetry from Vietnam War Veteran, David Rose, diagnosed with PTSD by the Veterans Administration, who wanted to make the poems available to the public as an educational tool to everyone who is interested. It is his sincere wish that someone will find his heart-felt writings useful.