VMF Film and Book Recommendations April 2024


The Ghost Army

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War, deception, and art come together in Rick Beyer’s documentary The Ghost Army, the astonishing true story of American G.I.s — many of whom would go on to have illustrious careers in art, design, and fashion — who tricked the enemy with rubber tanks, sound effects, and carefully crafted illusions during the Second World War. A remarkable story of a top-secret mission that was at once absurd, deadly and amazingly effective. (The Ghost Army Legacy Project Press Release) Available to rent on Amazon and other streaming sites, returns to PBS Plus in May 2024. 2013, distributed by PBS.

The Monuments Men

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The Monuments Men starring George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murry, Cate Blanchett and John Goodman tells the story of a WWII platoon of museum curators, librarians, art historians, artists and architects formed to recover art masterpieces from Nazi thieves. Based on actual events. 2014, distributed by Sony Pictures, rated PG-13. Available on Netflix.


The Ghost Army of World War II Book Cover

The Ghost Army of World War II by Rick Beyer and Elizabeth Sayles, details the story of this top-secret WWII unit that used inflatable tanks, sound effects, and illusions to fool the Germans on the battlefields of Europe. This updated edition was published by Princeton Architectural Press in October 2023.