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September 2022


Vol. 2, No. 6

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"This fall, we must elect more senators and representatives who will codify a woman's right to choose into federal law. We need to elect more state leaders to protect this right at the local level. We need to restore the protections of Roe as law of the land.”


Editor’s Message —

Greetings! With Constitution Week and Constitution Day in September, what better time to delve into the U.S. Constitution since some recent Supreme Court decisions have adversely affected our lives. We are providing you with information to use when you write to your Senators, Representatives, Governors, and Mayors. In looking at some of the quotes from our founding fathers, it appears that they foresaw that changes would need to be made, which is totally understandable because how could documents from the 18th century not undergo revisions to deal with situations in the 21st century? As all organizations refresh operating procedures when new leaders are elected or appointed, why shouldn’t the U.S. government do the same? Is it really a good idea, with the rapid changes that now take place in our society, to have people in lifetime positions that sometimes could easily cover a span of 40 years? The Constitution has no minimum or maximum age for Supreme Court Justices. William O. Douglas, appointed at age 40, retired 36 years, 7 months, and 8 days later! 

Citizens are reacting to the recent Supreme Court decisions as evidenced by the surprise abortion backlash in the Kansas election. AR-15 weapons continue to create major disasters. Some say "We need these weapons because we want to be effective against the government if it becomes tyrannical. That's part of our Second Amendment right.” Is it?

“We need leaders to support removing more barriers to voting, not trying to silence the people. The strength of our democracy and our country depends on eligible voters casting their ballot and selecting their leaders."

– Office of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf

What can you do to change the current anti-citizen situation? VOTE!

We need more elected officials at every level who support the rights of citizens. We need more U.S. Senators, Representatives, Governors, and Justices who want to safeguard the rights we have had for years and who will support new laws that will improve our lives. Use your VOTE to change what has happened this year in the Supreme Court. 

Vote in the 2022 Federal elections and in your local state elections! Urge your friends and colleagues to vote. Every member of Democrats Abroad needs to participate! If you have not yet requested your absentee ballot, what are you waiting for? Vote From Abroad!

In closing, we need your help! This is your Newsletter and we would like to focus on topics that interest you. Please take this short survey and tell us what you think! 

Terese Sarno


Every Vote Counts

Michelle Obama Urges People To Check Voter Registration Status

(N.B. This was shared July 31st so it is much less than 100 days to the midterm elections!)

Please join our caucus to show your support of the U.S. military!



988: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline new 3-digit number

988_suicide_prevention_lifeline.jpegN.B. When you are overseas, continue to use Veterans Crisis Line. Chat is available 24/7.

International Suicide Hotlines and Prevention Resources

Find a crisis helpline near you Befrienders Worldwide | Emotional support to prevent suicide

Digital Resources: Visit Vibrant Emotional Health and Safe Space.

National Taxpayer Advocate issues midyear report to Congress; expresses concern about continued refund delays and poor taxpayer service | Internal Revenue Service

VA Information for Veterans Living Overseas

The Armed Forces Retirement Home For Soldiers

Transitioning in Germany on August 30th at 1600 CET

2022 And Events.png

September is

National Suicide Prevention Month

and National Service Dog Month

September 2V-J Day (Victory over Japan) commemorates the Allied victory over Japan in World War II. Sept. 2, 1945, the Japanese formally surrendered.

September 3–2022 National Book Festival Library of Congress livestream.

September 5–Labor Day  Thank the labor unions, workers and labor leaders for ensuring a 40-hour workweek, sick leave, and vacation time.Happy_Labor_Day.jpeg

September 10 – VMF meeting September 10, 2022, 07:00 EDT Webex Login

September 10 – World Suicide Prevention Day

September 11– Patriot Day—National Day of Service and Remembrance to honor those killed on September 11, 2001.911_patriot_day.jpeg

September 12– Online -11:15am to 11:45am EDT    National Archives Museum

The Constitution and Our Community (Grades 3–5)

September 12–Online 2:15 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. EDT  The Constitution Rules! (Grades K–2)

September 13–Online 1:15 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. EDT National Archives Museum

No Conscription Without Representation: Voting Rights and the Constitution (Grades 9–12)

September 16–Online 1:15 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. EDT National Archives Museum

Voting Rights, the Constitution & Representative Government (Grades 6–8)

September 16–National POW/MIA Recognition Day  

September 17-23—Constitution Week

On September 17, 1787, delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia signed the United States Constitution. This document that established our national government and fundamental laws, was intended to protect and guarantee certain basic rights to our citizens.

“I confess that there are several parts of this Constitution which I do not at present approve, but I am not sure I shall never approve them. For having lived long, I have experienced many instances of being obliged by better information, or fuller consideration, to change opinions even on important subjects, which I once thought right, but found to be otherwise.”
— Benjamin Franklin, 1787


September 17–Constitution Day/Citizenship Day

September 18–Air Force (USAF) birthday-The Air Force turns 75!

September 18–Air National Guard Birthday 

September 20–National Voter Registration Day  Register to vote today at VoteFromAbroad.

September 25–Gold Star Mother’s and Family Day is the last Sunday in September.

September 29Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Day  The VFW, founded in 1899, is an NPO whose mission is “To serve our veterans, the military and our communities.”

Upcoming DA Activities

vote_with_balloons.jpeg globe_of_voters.png

“Yes, we need to vote in races at every single level, and we need to remember that voting is the bare minimum…We have to get involved in the local governments that decide how cities plan their budgets and protect their students. We have to stand up for justice and equity. All of us have a teacher voice for when things go off the rails, and now is the time to use it.”

       —Dr. Jill Biden, AFT Convention, Boston, July 15, 2022

Senate Election Interactive Map

35 U.S. Senate seats to be contested in 2022

2022 House Election Interactive Map

After redistricting, all 435 House seats to be contested in 2022

2022 Gubernatorial Elections Interactive Map

36 governor seats contested in 2022

Request your absentee ballot at Vote From Abroad (VFA).

We are in the home stretch for the midterms. If you can help by donating, so that we can buy ads online and in print publications, please go to Donate-Democrats Abroad.

stateside_more_likely_to_vote.png 2.9_million_us_voters_overseas.jpeg

2 FAQs from VFA:

BB-1. What is the Backup Ballot and how do I use it?

BB-2. I haven't received my blank ballot yet. Should I use a Backup Ballot (the FWAB)?

Voting issue or question? Contact [email protected].

Get involved! There is a phone banking spot waiting for you!

2018 Overseas Citizen Population Analysis Report July 2020

State Voting Rules


September 2022 Primaries:

September 6: MA

September 13: DE, NH, RI


General Election: November 8, 2022

NBA won't play games on Election Day to encourage voter turnout

Have you requested your absentee ballot?


“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”   — Albert Einstein   


Design by R. Shenyo, DA Guatemala



President Biden Signs the PACT Act and Delivers on His Promise to America’s Veterans                     


H.R. 3967–The PACT Act is now law. On August 10, 2022, President Biden signed into law the Sgt. First Class Heath Robinson Honoring Our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics Act. Democratic Senators and Members of Congress spearheaded this once-in-a-generation initiative. Learn more about the PACT Act and claiming VA benefits: https://va.gov/PACT.

President Biden Delivers Remarks and Signs the PACT Act of 2022

Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization—In the wake of the Supreme Court's attack on women's reproductive health services, Senate Democrats have taken action by calling on the VA to offer abortions and abortion-related services to veterans and dependents.

Veterans Unemployment—The U.S. economy also improved since the last government report, with veterans unemployment decreasing from 350,000 to the current 237,000.

H.R. 7375 – To direct the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to update the payment system of the Department of Veterans Affairs to allow for electronic fund transfer of educational assistance, administered by the Secretary, to a foreign institution of higher education.Latest action: May 18, 2022 received in the Senate, read twice and referred to the Committee on Veterans' Affairs.  Contact your U.S. Senators and Representatives. Why is H.R. 7375 needed? Listen to the VMF Caucus's podcast with a veteran in Europe. 

Schoolhouse Rock - I'm Just a Bill



The PACT Act And Your VA Benefits

VA Health and Benefit

VA Health Care

Social Security Accelerates Decisions for People with Severe Disabilities.

Veteran Health Identification Card

Helpful VA Phone Numbers

100% Disabled Veterans

Expansion of VA caregiver program to all eras of service remains set for October

Prescription Drugs Are Going To Get Cheaper Because Dems Played The (Very) Long Game


Did you miss the 2022 GI Bill Summit? GI Bill benefits questions answered.

Message from Incoming Executive Director of Education Service

Foreign Programs | Veterans Affairs

Florida schools to let veterans teach without degrees

Veteran Recognition

WWII Vet William Kellerman, Who Escaped Nazis, Finally Gets Medals

WWII Vet Manny Frockt Honored for 'Ghost Army' Service, Tricking Nazis

Navajo Code Talker Samuel Sandoval dies; 3 left from group (July 29, 2022)

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“The Constitution, on this hypothesis, is a mere thing of wax in the hands of the Judiciary, which they may twist and shape into any form they please.”  — Thomas Jefferson