International Women's Day

A Call to Action! Here's everything you need to create your own IWD party

Collective action is how we achieve positive change. Women, men, young and old -- we all have a part to play in achieving a more gender-balanced world. With increased equality comes a more just and prosperous society, so this year’s International Women’s Day theme is all about creating #BalanceForBetter.


International Women’s Day (IWD) is on March 8, play your part and consider hosting your own IWD event this month!

Never hosted an International Women’s Day event before? No problem. We came prepared with a few resources and suggestions! Consider going over a brief history of International Women’s Day, have an open and honest discussion about gender-based discrimination, watch an informative video on the Equal Rights Amendment, play a few rounds of Women’s History Month trivia, and come up with your own action ideas to help the women and men in your community build #BalanceForBetter.

Use the links below to download all the tools, templates and videos you need to make your International Women's Day. event a success:


International Women’s Day 2019 Suggested Agenda and Additional Resources

International Women’s Day 2019 Slides

Learn more about the Equal Rights Amendments

Watch the film Legalize Equality


Step up and find your #BalanceForBetter