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  • Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus Endorsement for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District

    It is no accident that the North Carolina State Board of Elections has called for a new election to fill a congressional seat in the 9th District. What Republicans in this area immediately east and southeast of Charlotte call “voting irregularities,” we call FRAUD.

    While North Carolinians have gotten a wake-up call in recent GOP scandals, Democrats are offering voters a fresh congressional candidate named Dan McCready. Dan honorably served in the Marine Corps, champions the protection of voting rights and strongly opposes any type of voter suppression -- especially among communities of color, and favors comprehensive immigration reform legislation which includes common-sense bipartisan measures such as protecting so-called “Dreamers” from deportation, among other critical issue stances.

    The Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus Steering Committee heartily endorses Dan McCready as North Carolina’s next U.S. representative. We strongly urge all NC-09 voters living abroad to request their ballots from and support Dan McCready in the 2019 General Election to complete the 2018 Blue Wave.

    U.S. House of Representatives

    NC-09: Dan McCready (challenger to open seat)

  • Hispanic Caucus Statement on Trump Nominee for U.S. Ambassador to México

    For more than a year, the U.S. embassy in México City has been without an ambassador. On March 18, 2019, the White House eventually nominated Christopher Landau for the important role of United States ambassador to México, praising his law experience such as arguing before the Supreme Court.

    Upon review of his overall qualifications, however, the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus can conclude that this nominee is far from suitable for fulfilling America’s top diplomat posting to our southern neighbor. Although Mr. Landau does indeed have significant experience practicing law within our nation’s judicial system in addition to working on Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, he possesses absolutely no diplomatic experience whatsoever.

    ​Considering the role of U.S. ambassador to México will be a critical role in working with a variety of stakeholders for the next major international trade deal in addition to working for the well-being of American citizens abroad, Mr. Landau plainly lacks the critical diplomatic expertise needed for negotiating on behalf of U.S. interests. ​​For this reason and several others, the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus urges all Americans to contact their U.S. senators to strongly oppose the nomination of Christopher Landau as U.S. ambassador to México.

    ​​“This is not a serious nomination. Even the State Department’s newest intern has more diplomatic experience than Christopher Landau. Sure, he’s proven himself in court with legal arguments, but I wouldn’t want someone to fly the plane I’m on simply because he or she has professionally driven a race car, so why should the American people trust someone with no diplomatic experience to be their ambassador?

    Donald Trump has managed to repeatedly insult Americans of every color; after the protests in Charlottesville he insulted every American veteran who ever fought off Nazis; and now, unsurprisingly, he’s managed to insult Americans residing in México by nominating someone realistically unqualified to fill an ambassadorship to our nation’s third-largest trading partner.” -- Michael Ramos, current chair of the Hispanic Caucus

  • Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus Statement on Virginia’s Recent Unfolding Events

    In light of recent findings about his past behavior, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam must immediately step down for the good of his constituents and for the greater society. The discovery of an old yearbook photograph depicting someone, possibly a younger Mr. Northam, in “black face” while posing next to a person in a Klansman costume has shocked his constituents both at home and abroad. Voters of the Commonwealth living in all parts of the world – regardless of political preferences – deserve to have elected officials in 2019 who reject hatred, racial inequality, and social situations where degrading someone because of his or her skin color is somehow considered “jokingly” acceptable.

    For this reason, the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus believes there has been an indisputable breach of the public’s trust, and therefore stands with our brothers and sisters in the Virginia Democrats’ Latino Caucus in demanding the governor’s resignation. While not as widely known, Hispanic-Americans have also for over a century faced hate crimes and racism from white supremacist groups.

    Furthermore, the state’s Attorney General, Mark Herring, who also faces a questionable past of racial indiscretions, should also immediately vacate office for the same reason. While these revelations about the governor and attorney general have made it impossible for them to lead effectively both as public servants and role models of the values that the Democratic Party strives to project, we will closely monitor the latest news stemming from the lieutenant governor’s situation.

    Both Latinx Virginians living overseas and the global Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus strongly believe there must be a consistent high standard of behavior expected from our elected officials. If we are to make progress as a society on the deep and sensitive issue of race, there can be no exception.

  • Hispanic Caucus Statement on Recognizing Ana Hernández Blackstad

    From the 1960s to the elections of the 115th Congress, a pro-Latino voice was missing from the Democratic Party’s overseas constituency. Nearly two years ago, the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus was finally born, a group which focuses on advocating for policies in the U.S. Hispanic community’s best interests.

    From the beginning of the caucus’ existence, Ana Hernández Blackstad, of DA-Czech Republic, made history by stepping up to lead this new group of volunteers with committed activism into the 2018 mid-term elections by becoming the first Hispanic Caucus chairperson. In early 2019 after several accomplishments under her belt, Ana passed the baton to another member to fill the caucus leadership role while she joined the caucus steering committee.

    During her tenure as chair, caucus membership increased by almost 2,000%, from 27 members to nearly 500. In early 2018, Ana assisted in translating English-to-Spanish voter registration materials for Spanish-speaking U.S. voters living abroad. Also under her leadership, the caucus sponsored a resolution amending the Democrats Abroad Platform section on trade, which passed the Democratic voting body unanimously. In the run up to Election Day, she began an online podcast for caucus members that included discussions with guests from Hispanic-American activists and politicians to bring their message, and ours, to a broader audience.

    Ana embodies the values of the Hispanic Caucus and is exemplary of what we can achieve through dedication and commitment. We thank Ana for all of her hard work as the former chair and look forward to achieving even more together with her continuing involvement with caucus leadership. ¡Adelante!

  • Un Congresista Quien Merece un Gran Agradecimiento

    By Nick Buffie (DA-Colombia & USA)

    A little over a year ago, Luis Gutiérrez (D-Illinois) announced his retirement from the United States Congress. Known affectionately as “El Gallito” to many of his supporters, Gutiérrez has stepped aside after 34 years of public service, 26 of which were spent in the U.S. House of Representatives.

    The now-retired congressman was born on December 10, 1953, in the working-class neighborhood of Chicago known as Lincoln Park. The son of an assembly-line worker and a taxi cab driver, Gutiérrez grew up around the same people whose interests he would later serve as a member of the U.S. Congress.

    Since winning a U.S. House seat in 1992 and becoming the first Hispanic-American from the Midwest elected to Congress, Gutiérrez has been the House of Representatives’ most visible champion on the issue of immigration. Having been directly involved with immigration reform advocates on the ground, Gutiérrez has been arrested multiple times for peaceful protesting, clearly never afraid of voicing his opinion on an issue considered a priority by Hispanic-Americans.

    Because of his fierce passion for passing comprehensive immigration reform, he voluntarily vacated his seat on the powerful Financial Services Committee to instead focus on addressing immigration full-time on the Judiciary Committee.

    However, despite Gutiérrez’s dedication to the immigration fight, much of his success as a legislator has come from tackling other issues. Gutiérrez has had four bills signed into law by presidents of both parties. He addressed head-on the issues of: the Trump administration’s hurricane response to Puerto Rico, the future political status of Puerto Rico, consumer protections such as legislation he previously sponsored, and much more. As a true friend to Puerto Ricans and indeed all U.S. Latinos, it is not surprising that he was often endorsed by immigrant groups, veterans, organized labor, and LGBT organizations.

    Although he is now retired from Congress, Gutiérrez has stated that he plans on moving to Puerto Rico in the coming months and assisting any way he can with the recovery of the still-heavily-damaged U.S. territory.

    Given his decades of remarkable public service advocating for immigration reform, working to resolve the legal status of “Dreamers,” and ensuring that the millions of Puerto Rican voices are heard by policymakers, the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus wishes Mr. Gutiérrez and his wife, Soraida, the best in all their future endeavors. As the Trump administration continues to ramp up its mistreatment and abuse of immigrant families, Congress will miss his passionate and humane voice.

    With the close of the November 2018 elections, Gutiérrez’s seat in Congress has been filled by a fellow ally in the fight for immigration reform. Representative Jesús “Chuy” García, a progressive Hispanic-American Democrat, has pledged to continue the fight for working families in Illinois’ 4th Congressional District.

    Additional reading: Former Congressman Luis Gutiérrez authored a 2013 memoir titled, Still Dreaming: My Journey from the Barrio to Capitol Hill.

    Michael Ramos (DA-Australia) contributed to this article.

  • Democrats Abroad Board Renewal ::: Nominaciones para el Comité Directivo

    Announcement: Board Renewal 2019

    Dear members of the Guadalajara Democrats Abroad Chapter,
    It is that time: time to renew the Board of our chapter! Every two years we need to renew our chapter by asking members to participate in elections, we need new candidates to bring their energy and ideas to keep this chapter growing. Please read the following to have a better understanding of the board and the roles of each of its members.The board consists of four officers: chair, vice-chair, secretary, and treasurer plus 5 at-large board members. We are seeking candidate board members and officers who are willing and able to make a few important commitments.

    Please read this letter and decide in what way you want to participate. Two years ago we began the Guadalajara Chapter of Democrats Abroad; we now have 255 members and it is time to invite new participants to become members of the board. We will be holding elections in early 2019; all seats are open to candidate nominations.

    Commitments to be taken on by future board members:

    - Uphold the chapter bylaws (copy attached).- Serve for a two year term.

    - Attend monthly board meetings (a few, say three per year, excused absences are okay).

    - Chair or serve on one of the chapter committees (Membership, Program, Publicity, Get Out the Vote, Fundraising).

    - Donate to the chapter budget, either annually or monthly. The amount of the donation is up to the board member, but board contributions are a significant fraction of the annual chapter budget.

    Beyond the commitments laid out above: we are looking for board members who understand that committee members serve to represent and advance the aims of the chapter.

    Sometimes there will be differences in understanding of these aims between board members. Ideal candidates will be those who are able to work with others even when there are disagreements.

    And we would like board members who can successfully budget their time to efficiently advance chapter activities.

    Finally, ideal board members are those who enjoy working with others and will find that their time on the board is not only a worthwhile activity but also a fun activity.

    This letter invites you, as a member of DEMOCRATS ABROAD GUADALAJARA, to propose candidates or nominate yourself as a candidate for any of the seats on our board.
    Do you have a project or a strategy you would like to share? Do you want to be more involved in this community? Are you eager to be a part of a change in U.S. politics? Please contact us if you have any questions about any nomination.

    Key Dates to Keep Handy:
    Jan 1, 2019 List of candidates running for election to DA-Gdl will be sent to the email list (45 days before annual meeting).

    Jan 21, 2019 Deadline to send in a brief biographical account of the candidate; send out for translation.
    Feb 1, 2019 List of candidates will be sent again, with bios and statements and voting information, to the DA-Gdl email list
    Feb 16, 2019 Annual Meeting and election for DA-Gdl; election will be held by this date.
    We appreciate your interest and involvement; please contact us with your questions.

    Sincerely,Nominating Committee
    Dan Turnquist
    Brigit Baur
    Rick Rice

    Anuncio: Renovación del Comité Directivo 2019

    Estimados miembros del Capítulo de Demócratas en el Extranjero de Guadalajara,

    Llegó el momento: es tiempo de renovar el Comité Directivo de nuestro capítulo! Cada dos años debemos renovar nuestro capítulo pidiéndoles a los miembros que participen en las elecciones. Necesitamos nuevos candidatos que aporten su energía e ideas para que este capítulo siga creciendo. Lea lo siguiente para tener una mejor comprensión del Comité Directivo y el rol de cada uno de sus miembros.

    Algunos Antecedentes…
    Por favor lea esta carta y decida de qué manera quiere participar. Hace dos años comenzamos el Capítulo de Demócratas en el Extranjero de Guadalajara; ahora tenemos 255 miembros y es el momento de invitar a nuevos participantes a convertirse en miembros del Comité Directivo. Tendremos elecciones a principios de 2019; Todos los asientos están abiertos a la nominación de los candidatos.

    El Comité Directivo consta de cuatro oficiales: presidente, vicepresidente, secretario y tesorero, más 5 Miembros Generales. Estamos buscando miembros candidatos del Comité Directivo y oficiales que estén dispuestos y sean capaces de hacer algunos compromisos importantes.

    Compromisos a ser asumidos por futuros miembros del consejo:

    - Mantener los estatutos del capítulo (copia adjunta).

    - Servir por un término de dos años.

    - Asistir a las reuniones mensuales del Comité Directivo (unas pocas, digamos tres por año, las ausencias justificadas están bien).

    - Presidir o servir en uno de los comités del capítulo (Membresía, Programa, Publicidad, Vamos por el Voto, Recaudación de fondos).

    - Donar al presupuesto del capítulo, ya sea anual o mensualmente. El monto de la donación depende de cada persona. Las contribuciones al Comité Directivo son una fracción significativa del presupuesto anual del capítulo.

    Más allá de los compromisos establecidos anteriormente: estamos buscando miembros del Comité Directivo que entiendan que las las acciones del comité sirven para representar y promover los objetivos del capítulo. A veces habrá diferencias en la comprensión de estos objetivos entre los miembros del Comité Directivo . Los candidatos ideales serán aquellos que puedan trabajar con otros, incluso cuando haya desacuerdos.

    Nos gustaría que los miembros del Comité Directivo puedan organizar exitosamente su tiempo para avanzar de manera eficiente en las actividades del capítulo.

    Finalmente, los miembros ideales del Comité Directivo son aquellos que disfrutan trabajar con otros. Encontrarán que su tiempo dedicado al Comité Directivo no solo es una actividad que vale la pena, sino también una actividad divertida.

    Esta carta lo invita, como miembro de DEMÓCRATAS EN EL EXTRANJERO DE GUADALAJARA, a proponer candidatos o a nominarse a sí mismo como candidato para cualquiera de los puestos en el Comité Directivo. ¿Tiene un proyecto o una estrategia que le gustaría compartir? ¿Quiere estar más involucrado en esta comunidad? ¿Está ansioso por ser parte de un cambio en la política de Estados Unidos? Por favor, contáctenos si tiene alguna pregunta sobre cualquier nominación.

    Fechas clave para tener a la mano:

    1 de enero de 2019 Se enviará a la lista de correo electrónico (45 días antes de la reunión anual) la lista de candidatos que se postularán para la elección a DA-Gdl.
    21 de enero de 2019 Fecha límite para enviar una breve semblanza del candidato; enviar para la traducción.
    1 de febrero de 2019 Se enviará nuevamente la lista de candidatos, incluyendo la semblanza, declaraciones e información de votación, a la lista de correo electrónico de DA-Gdl
    16 de febrero de 2019 Reunión anual y elección para DA-Gdl; La elección se llevará a cabo en esta fecha.

    Comité de Nominación
    Dan Turnquist
    Brigit Baur
    Rick Rice

  • Que piensa sobre...? - What do you think about...?

    Dear DA-GDL members,
    Estimados miembros de DA-GDL (Demócratas en el Extranjero-GDL),

    We have much to celebrate after last Tuesday's election. With the House in Democratic hands, we can try to steady the ship of state.
    Tenemos mucho que celebrar después de las elecciones del martes pasado. Con el Congraso en manos de los Demócratas podemos tratar de “enderezar el barco” del Estado.

    At DA-Gdl we are taking the opportunity to reflect on our successes and failures in the past electoral cycle in order to have greater results in the 2020 cycle, which we already are in.
    En DA-GDL queremos aprovechar la oportunidad para reflexionar sobre nuestros logros y fracasos en el pasado ciclo electoral para poder lograr mejores resultados en el ciclo del 2020 en el que ahora entramos.

    As part of this review, we invite you to participate in this four minute member survey.
    Como parte de este proceso, los invitamos a participar en esta encuesta de solo cuatro minutos.

    Your opinions and ideas are important to us.
    Sus opiniones e ideas son muy importantes para nosotros.


    Will Chapman

  • Hispanic Caucus Chair and Vice Chair Joint Statement on the General Election Results

    Ana Blackstad, Chair of the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus, today stated her thoughts on the General Election:

    “La Ola Azul (“The Blue Wave”) made landfall on Tuesday night in a big way! Although Democrats didn’t win every race, the number of Latinx people in office across our nation as a result of this election should make us all proud. Some of the highlights from Tuesday for me:

    • “Donde votar,” Spanish for “Where to vote,” was Google's top search on election morning
    • According to early exit polls, the overall number of voters in yesterday’s election was 12 percent Hispanic. The previous high in midterm elections was 8 percent for Hispanics, in 2006, 2012 and 2014 alike.
    • The number of Hispanic eligible voters totaled 29.1 million for this election, the highest on record
    • Veronica Escobar and Sylvia Garcia will be the first Texas Latinas in Congress
    • Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico will be the first Latina Democratic Governor in US History
    • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will represent New York as one of the two youngest women ever elected to Congress

    I want to thank the members of the Hispanic Caucus of Democrats Abroad for all their efforts in getting out the vote this year. Together, we can achieve great things.  ¡Adelante!”

    The caucus Vice Chair, Michael Ramos, also offered his post-election night reflections:

    “There is so much for our members to be proud of after witnessing historic gains in places previously thought to be districts where Democrats had no business being in. Despite subtle attempts of voter suppression, Latinos voted early in large numbers and on Election Day. For too long, too few Latinos have had access at the decision-making table of elected officials. That’s now changed.

    I’m encouraged about having representation at all levels of government more reflective of the American people. In looking at Congress, our party successfully flipped more than enough seats to take back control of the House of Representatives which means that at least one chamber will finally do its constitutional duty of serious oversight on the scandal-plagued Executive Branch. It also wasn’t surprising that sensational Latinx representative-elects like Chuy García from Illinois, Veronica Escobar from Texas, Anthony Delgado and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York, and Debbie Mucarsel-Powell from Florida all did amazingly well. Moreover, Democratic members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus will be returning in January as well, ensuring that the voices of America’s Hispanic minorities will keep fighting on the issues impacting their families and communities.

    On the state and local levels, there were also tremendous victories for Latinx candidates. For example, we have Michelle Lujan Grisham in New Mexico – a fantastic Latina governor-elect with a proven track record of representing her constituents well. We have Catalina Cruz, a young Latina and former “DREAMer” who won big in a seat for New York’s General Assembly. The list goes on and on. From governors’ mansions to school boards, Democrats and Latinos fared pretty well.

    It’s no secret that we would have loved to have seen a Senator-Elect O’Rourke in Texas, or a Congresswoman Matta in California, but unfortunately not every race swung the way we had hoped. I am especially disappointed in the successful re-election of some individuals such as a widely-known racist congressman in Iowa, a body-slamming congressman from Montana, and a California congressman currently under indictment, among others. Nevertheless, I expect most of us to take a few days to reflect on the election and be thankful for our gains, and then roll up our sleeves and restart our momentum in preparing to support quality candidates to oust more Republicans and the current occupant in the White House.

    Overall, I hope our caucus members are also pleased with the results of this election given the hard work our activist brothers and sisters have put in to ensure that as many Americans as possible had voted. Whether it’s encouraging American expats to vote, doing voter registration for our fellow citizens abroad who speak only Spanish, or working with our Democratic colleagues back in the home district, I look forward to continue organizing and working to get out the vote.”

  • signed up on Hispanic Caucus Signup 2019-06-05 09:42:52 -0400

  • Rein in Trump—Meet Up & Movie - Paremos a Trump Junta y Reunión de Cine

    Desplácese hacia abajo para ver español

    2018: Can we elect Senators & Reps to undercut Trump? Meet U.S. citizens in GDL as we build on the momentum from Moore’s defeat in Alabama & shift power back to the Dems.

    • Meet Up & Movie, Sunday, Jan. 28, 2 pm
    • Get ballots for 2018 and help get out the vote!
    • American Society of Jalisoc (AmSoc), San Francisco 3332, Col. Chapalita, GDL, 3121-2395
    • Cost: 20 pesos (goes to AmSoc for use of the facility)
    • Bring a dish to share, your beverage & watch:

    The Internet’s Own Boy, the Story of Aaron Swartz (2014)

    "A spellbinding portrait of the Internet whiz kid's life and political convictions” Geoffrey Berkshire, Variety

    Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a 93% rating based on reviews from 57 critics, with an average score of 7.3/10

    Documentary, bio, crime directed by Brian Knappenberger, rated on IMDB 8.1, 105 min

    The Internet’s Own Boy follows the story of programming prodigy and information activist Aaron Swartz. From Swartz's help in the development of the basic internet protocol RSS to his co-founding of Reddit, his fingerprints are all over the internet. But it was Swartz's groundbreaking work in social justice and political organizing combined with his aggressive approach to information access that ensnared him in a two-year legal nightmare. It was a battle that ended with the taking of his own life at the age of 26. Aaron's story touched a nerve with people far beyond the online communities in which he was a celebrity. This film is a personal story about what we lose when we are tone deaf about technology and its relationship to our civil liberties.
    Link to Preview

    “This engagingly constructed (if somewhat hagiographic) documentary offers a very moving account of the life and death of "hacktivist" Aaron Swartz, who killed himself in January 2013 while facing jail time for downloading academic journals. Director Brian Knappenberger argues that the case against Swartz was overzealously pursued in order to make an example of him and on the evidence presented here it's hard to disagree. High-profile advocates such as Tim Berners-Lee talk passionately about Swartz's extraordinary abilities (as a sparky teenager, he helped develop RSS), while news footage documents his key role in derailing congressional support for the notorious Stop Online Piracy Act (Sopa). Meanwhile, friends and family recall an idealist with little interest in money who saw open access to information as a human right.” Mark Kermode, Guardian

    Coming Attractions:

    25 February 2018
    Capitalism: A Love Story (2009)

    25 March 2018
    Citizen Koch (2013)

    22 April 2018
    Where to Invade Next? (2015)

    We can be reached at:
    Visit us on Facebook:
    Register to vote:

    Paremos a Trump
    Junta y Reunión de Cine, domingo 28 de enero.

    2018: Podemos elegir Senadores y Representantes para debilitar a Trump? Reunámonos con ciudadanos estadounidenses en Guadalajara mientras aprovechamos el impulso logrado con la derrota de Moore en Alabama y el regreso al poder de los Demócratas.

    • Junta y Reunión de Cine, domingo 28 de enero, 2 p.m.
    • Temas a tratar: Obtener las boletas para las elecciones del 2018 y promover el voto.
    • Lugar: American Society of Jalisco (AmSoc), San Francisco 3332, Col. Chapalita, Gdl. 3121-2395:
    • Donativo: 20 pesos (para AmSoc por el uso de sus instalaciones).
    • Traiga un platillo para compartir y su bebida. Esta vez presentaremos:

    The Internet’s Own Boy, the Story of Arnold Swartz (2014)

    “Fascinante retrato de la vida y convicciones políticas del prodigio del Internet”.
    Geoffrey Berkshire, Variety.

    El conjunto de críticas de Rotten Tomatoes le da a este film un puntaje de 93% basado en las reseñas de 57 críticos, con una puntuación de 7.3/10.

    Documental, biografía, género policiaco dirigido por Brian Knappenberger, calificada por IMDB 8.1, 105 min.

    The Internet’s Own Boy narra la historia del prodigio de la programación y activista de la información Aaron Swartz. Desde su participación en el desarrollo del protocolo básico del Internet RSS hasta su participación como cofundador de Reddit, sus huellas se encuentran a lo largo y a lo ancho del Internet. Pero fue su trabajo innovador en el campo de la justicia social y organización política combinado con su agresivo enfoque al acceso a la información que lo atraparon en una pesadilla legal de dos años. Fue una batalla que terminó en su suicidio a la edad de 26 años. La historia de Aaron conmovió a un círculo de personas más allá de las comunidades en línea en las que era considerado una celebridad. Esta película es una historia personal acerca de lo que perdemos cuando somos sordos a la Tecnología y a su relación con nuestras libertades civiles.
    enlace al trailer

    Este documental interesantemente construido (aunque en cierta forma hagiobiografico) presenta un conmovedor relato sobre la vida y muerte del “hacktivista” Aaron Swartz, quien se suicido en junio del 2013 cuando cumplía una sentencia en prisión por descargar publicaciones académicas. El director Brian Knappenberger argumenta que el caso contra Swartz fue perseguido con demasiado afán para darle un castigo ejemplar y ante la evidencia presentada en la película es difícil no estar de acuerdo. Defensores de alto perfil como Tim Berners-Lee hablan apasionadamente de las extraordinarias habilidades de Swartz (brillante adolescente que ayudó a desarrollar RSS). Mediante el uso de material de archivo de noticias conocemos el importante papel de Swartz negociando para conseguir apoyo del Congreso para el famoso Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) (No a la Piratería). Por otro lado, amigos y familiares lo presentan como un idealista con poco interés por el dinero que consideraba el acceso a la información como un derecho humano.
    Mark Kermode, Guardian

    Próximas Reuniones de Cine:

    25 de febrero 2018
    Capitalism: A Love Story (2009)

    25 de marzo 2018
    Citizen Koch (2013)

    22 de abril 2018
    Where to Invade Next? (2015)

    Nos puede contactar por correo electrónico:
    Visítenos en Facebook:
    Regístrese para votar:


  • published News - Noticias in News/Noticias 2017-12-27 12:47:04 -0500

    News - Noticias

    Desplácese hacia abajo para ver español

    J.D. Crowe
    Alabama Media Group/
    (Reprinted with permission)
    (Reimpreso con autorización)

    The Board of the Guadalajara Chapter of Democrats Abroad met on the 28th of November. During the November board meeting, the following items were discussed: GOTV campaign for the 2018 midterm elections, committee plans to be submitted for discussion by mid-January 2018, and a periodic meeting of all Guadalajara Chapter members. Currently we have over 200 members mostly people who were transferred from the Lake Chapala Chapter when the Guadalajara Chapter was created a few months ago. A reminder that our designated committees are GOTV, Membership, Publicity, Fundraising, and Programs and Events. Should you wish to volunteer on one or more of the committees please contact us at:

    Movie Meet in November attracted about a dozen people to a showing of the movie "Pride" on the 17th of November. Movie Meets normally occur on the 4th Sunday of each month, however, we are skipping December because of the holidays.

    In November and December we had donations from a number of our members. Donations assist our effort to increase voting participation. Thank you:

    • Jude Wallesen
    • Michaele Rivera
    • Rick Rice
    • Will Prescott
    • Will Chapman

    Democrats Abroad Mexico Guadalajara - Email Policy Statement
    The Democrats Abroad Guadalajara Board respects each member's time and commitment he or she gives to our efforts. We will limit the number and length of emails sent out by our chapter. We will only send emails that directly relate to Guadalajara chapter events and issues related to voting in upcoming elections. Whenever possible, we will reduce the number of messages by combining information into a single email.

    We can be reached at:
    Visit us on Facebook:
    Register to vote:


    El Comité Directivo del Capítulo Guadalajara de Democrats Abroad se reunió el 28 de noviembre. Durante esta sesión se discutieron los siguientes puntos: la campaña de GOTV (Get Out to Vote) para las elecciones intermedias del 2018, planes del Comité que serán sometidos a discusión a mediados de enero de 2018, y una reunión periódica de todos los miembros del Capítulo Guadalajara. Actualmente contamos con más de 200 miembros, la mayoría personas que fueron transferidas del Capítulo Lago de Chapala cuando se creó el Capítulo Guadalajara hace algunos meses. Queremos recordarles que nuestros comités designados son GOTV, Membresías, Publicidad, Recaudación de Fondos, y Programas y Eventos. Si usted está interesado en participar en uno o más de los comités, por favor contáctenos:
    El programa Reuniones de Cine en noviembre congregó a cerca de una docena de asistentes cuando proyectamos “Pride” el 17 de noviembre. Las Reuniones de Cine se llevan a cabo normalmente el cuarto domingo de cada mes, sin embargo no se llevará a cabo en diciembre debido a los días festivos.
    En noviembre y diciembre recibimos donativos de algunos de nuestros miembros. Los donativos apoyan nuestros esfuerzos para aumentar la participación de votantes. Gracias:

    • Jude Wallesen
    • Michaele Rivera
    • Rick Rice
    • Will Prescott
    • Will Chapman

    Democrats Abroad Mexico Guadalajara
    Declaración de política de correos electrónicos

    El Comité Directivo de Democrats Abroad Guadalajara respeta el tiempo y apoyo que cada miembro aporta a nuestros esfuerzos. Vamos a limitar el número y la extensión de los correos electrónicos enviados por nuestro Capítulo. Enviaremos exclusivamente correos electrónicos relacionados directamente con eventos del Capítulo Guadalajara y con temas relacionados con la votación en las próximas elecciones. Cuando sea posible reduciremos el número de mensajes agrupando la información en un solo correo electrónico.

    Nos puede contactar por correo electrónico:
    Visítenos en Facebook:
    Regístrese para votar:


  • Recent activities/Actividades Recientes

    Desplácese hacia abajo para ver español

     First, don't forget to vote in the off-year elections taking place this November if it is applicable to your voting precinct in the U.S.

    Also, remember that after the first of the year it is required by federal law (if you want to ensure your vote will be counted) to reregister to continue your eligibility to vote. Many districts don´t necessarily require this, but if there is a close race, for example, your vote could be disqualified if you have not reregistered. Please consider registering at By registering here, your district will see that you live and vote from abroad and are not simply requesting an absentee ballot.

    A quick recap of this year´s events:

    The inaugural event of the Guadalajara Chapter took place this past April at a get-together at a home in Colonia Seattle where we first discussed plans for the Chapter and nominated candidates for Chapter officers. Following this, biographies of the candidates were circulated, and an online election was held.

    New officers were elected on July 2nd. They are:

    • Will Chapman – Chair
    • Jude Wallesen – Vice Chair
    • Cam Esser – Secretary
    • Will Prescott – Treasurer
    • Members at Large:
    • Hector Dueñas
    • Franklyn Dunne
    • Elaine Halleck
    • Rick Rice
    • Michaele Rivera

    On July 4th, members were invited to a social event at the La Bocha Restaurant in Colonia Chapalita to meet the new board and celebrate our Independence Day.

    The first board meeting of the new chapter was held on September 21st. Perhaps the most significant business accomplished at this meeting was the appointment of several committees that will be the real work venues of our Chapter.

    • Voter Registration (GOTV) - Chair: Franklyn Dunne
    • Fundraising - Chair: Michaele Rivera
    • Membership - Chair: Hector Dueñas
    • Publicity/Web site/Social Media/Communications - Chair: Will Prescott
    • Programs and Events - Chair: Rick Rice

    If you are interested in helping with any of these efforts or getting involved in any other way, please contact us at

    During this meeting we also agreed to make some clarifications on language and content in the bylaws. These are in the process of being approved by DA National Mexico.

    We clarified our intent for this two-year period agreeing that our primary mission is to get out the vote.

    We pledge to -

    • increase our membership through various means and by offering both social and work events
    • create pertinent and informative web content
    • commit to putting information in both English and Spanish
    • increase our visibility to both the Anglo and Mexican heritage U.S. citizens living here
    • reach out to all U.S. citizens who have a right to vote, get them registered to vote, help them to request a ballot, and finally help them to vote

    Our next board meeting takes place on Tuesday Oct. 24th.

    Actividades Recientes/Recent Activities

    (See above for English)

    Primero, no olvide a votar en las elecciones que tendrán lugar este próximo mes de noviembre en caso de que les sea posible dentro de su distrito en los Estados Unidos.

    También recuerda que después del primero de este año es requerido por la ley federal (en caso de que quieras asegurarte de que tu voto cuente) volver a registrarte para continuar con la elegibilidad de votar. Muchos distritos no están requiriendo esto, pero si hay cierre de votos, por ejemplo, tu voto puede quedar descalificado si no te has vuelto a registrar. Por favor, considera registrarte en . Al registrarte aquí tu distrito verá que tu vives y votas desde el extranjero y no simplemente requieres una boleta de ausente.

    Una breve recapitulación de los eventos de este año:

    El evento inaugural del capítulo de Guadalajara tuvo lugar el pasado abril en la colonia Seattle en donde primero discutimos planes para la nueva junta y nominación de candidatos por oficiales de la junta. Siguiendo esto, las biografías de los candidatos se hicieron circular y se hizo la elección en línea.

    Nuevos oficiales fueron electos el 2 de julio, ellos fueron:

    • Will Chapman - Presidente
    • Jude Wallesen - Vice Presidente
    • Cam Esser - Secretaria
    • Will Prescott - Tesorero
    • Miembros en general:
    • Hector Dueñas
    • Franklyn Dunne
    • Elaine Halleck
    • Rick Rice
    • Michaele Rivera

    El 4 de julio, los miembros fueron invitados a un evento social en el restaurant La Bocha en la colonia Chapalita para que conocieran al nuevo consejo y celebrar nuestro día de la independencia.

    La primera reunión del nuevo consejo se celebró el 21 de septiembre. Quizás el logro de negocios más significante en esta reunión fue la cita con muchos comités que serán el verdadero trabajo de nuestro capítulo.

    • Registro de votantes (GOTV) - Presidente: Franklyn Dunne
    • Recaudación de fondos - Presidente: Michaele Rivera
    • Afiliación- Presidente: Héctor Dueñas
    • Publicidad/Sitio Web/Redes sociales/Comunicaciones - Presidente: Will Prescott
    • Programas y eventos- Presidente: Rick Rice

    Si te interesa ayudar en cualquiera de estos esfuerzos o involucrarte en alguna otra forma, por favor contáctanos en

    Durante esta reunión acordamos también hacer algunas aclaraciones en el lenguaje y contenido en los estatutos. Estos están en proceso de ser aprobados por la DA National México.

    Aclaramos nuestro propósito por este periodo de dos años acordando que nuestra principal misión es que el voto salga.

    Nos comprometemos a:

    • Aumentar el número de miembros a través de diversos métodos y ofreciendo eventos sociales y de trabajo
    • Crear contenido web oportuno e informativo
    • Incluir la información en inglés y español
    • Aumentar nuestra visibilidad a todos los ciudadanos americanos (anglo y de patrimonio Mexicano) quienes tienen derecho a votar, ayudándoles a solicitar una boleta y finalmente a votar

    Nuestra próxima reunión de directiva será el martes 24 de octubre. 


Father/Papá; Geophysicist/Geofisica; Runner/Corredor; Motorcyclist/Motociclista; Computer Scientist/Científico de la Computación; Vegan/Vegano.