A Message to Wyoming Voters

The importance of the 2018 election cannot be overstated. Locally, statewide, and nationally, so much is on the line. Republicans have made it clear that healthcare, education funding, and public lands are on the chopping block if we don’t make significant gains in November.

We will need your help to prevail.

Wyoming Democrats have incredible opportunities to pick up seats during this cycle. U.S. Senate candidate Gary Trauner is crisscrossing our state, knocking on doors, and holding town halls. He is doing something his opponent refuses to do—actually talking to voters and listening to their concerns! Gary Trauner will continue to take his directions from the people of Wyoming after being elected to the U.S. Senate. #TraunerTime #CountryB4Party

Greg Hunter is running to represent Wyoming in the U.S. House and hoping to oust a dynasty in the nation’s capital. #DemsDoBetter

History is in our favor in the Wyoming gubernatorial race too. Did you know that Wyoming has not elected back-to-back Republican Governors since 1966? We’ll see that trend continue in 2018 because Mary Throne is working tirelessly to be the next Governor of Wyoming. She’s serious about growing our economy so that everyone can prosper. She’s the only candidate who will stop the Legislature from slashing our children’s futures to pay for bad decisions. Voters in the Equality State agree. #StateBeforeParty

At the county and legislative levels, the quality of candidates is incredible. They come from a variety of backgrounds—from a school psychologist to a retired trona miner—and are running professional, effective campaigns.

Simply put, I have not seen this level of energy, organization, and opportunity in years.

Now, we need you. Whether you're in Hong Kong or Hyattville, Rotterdam or Riverton, or anywhere else, Wyoming needs your vote! It may make the difference in several key races.

Even if you voted from abroad in the past, if you haven't yet requested your ballot this year, you still need to do so to make sure you can vote. Just go to votefromabroad.org, fill in the Federal request form, print, sign, and send it into your local election office here in Wyoming.

You've heard of the Blue Wave? In Wyoming, we call it a Blue Wind, and it's blowing across this red state.

Democratically yours,
Joe M Barbuto, Chair
Wyoming Democratic Party #WyoDems


Your deadlines are coming up. Don't forget:

REGISTER to vote from abroad by Monday, October 22. Your registration form must be sent by mail. The registration form will also request your ballot. We recommend that you request to have your ballot delivered to you by email, and that you send your registration/request form asap to ensure you have enough time to return your ballot.


REQUEST your overseas absentee ballot by Monday, November 5. You may send your request form by email, fax or postal mail. We recommend sending your request form by email, and having your ballot delivered to you by email.


RETURN your ballot by Tuesday, November 6, 7 pm MST. Your ballot must be mailed and it must be received by Election Day. Mail your voted ballot early enough for it to reach Wyoming before the deadline. We recommend mailing your ballot by Monday, October 8.



All overseas voters may vote in elections for federal offices (US House and US Senate races). Overseas voters who indicate they “intend to return” may also vote in Wyoming state elections.