October 10, 2022

❖ Indigenous Peoples' Day ❖


Do you remember that old saying from grade school, “In 1492 Columbus sailed…” Turns out ole’ Chris never set one foot around these parts!

Some of our community may be interested in connecting the dots between Indigenous Peoples Day and why Columbus Day is no longer legit.

I know we as Black folx are constantly dealing with the impacts of living in a world where our very skin is a weapon. Yet, once we realize the expansion of the African Diaspora we can see that Black people exist almost everywhere and in most communities.

Indigenous Peoples Day allows our community to honor and celebrate Indigenous Peoples' legacy. It also allows us to mourn beside those still actively suffering from settler colonialism. While we simultaneously acknowledge how we all benefit from the material violence Indigenous people experience daily.

Hopefully, these resources can springboard our community into solidarity and action!

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